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Name: Aja Gair
Derby Name: Barbara Ambush
Teams: Gotham Girls Roller Derby (Brooklyn Bombshells, GGRD All-Stars), Maine Roller Derby (Port Authorities), Texas Rollergirls (Hell Marys, Texecutioners)
Age: 29
Years skated: I spent my childhood in Maine on ice skates and played hockey through college; this is my 6th season playing derby
Position: Blocker, Pivot
Hobbies: On the rare occasion that I have a non-derby related evening to myself, I like to geek-out on music blogs and make mixes for my friends
Favorite Derby Move: I love a beautiful apex jump
Bont boot: Hybrid Carbon – white leather with shiny red trim (I have come full-circle, having refused to wear anything other than red patent leather shoes as a child!)
How did you get into derby? I read an article in Bust Magazine when I was living in NYC that mentioned the resurgence of roller derby and my interest was instantly piqued. At the time, I was trying to keep playing hockey while living in the city – it was not that awesome. Paying a zillion bucks for ice time, or carrying a giant, stinky hockey bag on the subway from Brooklyn to the north end of Central Park for a midnight game was less than ideal, and I could only skate about once a week. Luckily, I saw a flyer for a Gotham Girls bout and decided to check it out… I only stayed until half-time because it killed me to have to sit and watch when it was so clear to me that I should be out there playing. I had to endure several months of anticipation before the GGRD tryout, but it was worth the wait! I hadn’t roller skated since I was a kid, but I borrowed some equipment that Gotham players had donated for the night, donned a sweet pair of rental skates, and that was that…
Aja Gair