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Aly Mustain Back to Quadstars
Name: Aly Mustain
Derby Name: Jukestapose
Teams: Rat City Rollergirls All Stars | Derby Liberation Front Past, Denver Roller Dolls Mile High Club
Age: 22
Years skated: 15 years
Position: Jammer
Hobbies: Anything sports related, dancing, traveling, hiking, yoga and trying creative new recipes
Favorite Derby Move: Hitting the opposing jammer right off the line. I love a good juke
Bont boot: Hybrid Leather, black with red trim
How did you get into derby? I got bored of playing soccer for a traveling competetive womens team, FC Denver, and wanted to try something new that would help build my self-confidence as well as my inner-strength. After watching the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls All Stars play while visiting friends in San Fran, I came home with the deepest desire to get involved. I tried out for the Denver Roller Dolls in February 2012 and was trained by Tracy Akers (Mile High Club, and fellow Quadstar) on the television series "MADE." I've since transferred to Seattle and now play for the hard-hitting Rat City All Stars
Aly Mustain