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Brandi Brown Back to Quadstars
Name: Brandi Brown
Derby Name: Brand-Aid
Teams: Psych Ward Sirens (Co-Captain) & Houston Roller Derby All-Stars
Age: 29
Years skated: I can't remember learning to skate. My mom used to take me to the rink when I was very little and I just always loved it so I'd guess at least 25 years of skating
Position: Blocker, Jammer, Pivot
Hobbies: When there is time outside of practice I enjoy sewing, street skating, cycling & running
Favorite Derby Move: Knocking a player out of bounds with my rear end and then slamming on the brakes!
Bont boot: Quad Carbon Racer/White with black trim
How did you get into derby? Growing up skating in rinks, street skating and playing street hockey, I jumped at the opportunity to get back into skating on a regular basis that allowed me to hit people! I started with Houston Roller Derby's recreational league and tried out for the competitive league a month later in January of 2009 and have been at it ever since!
Brandi Brown