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Name: Erin Jackson
Derby Name: Erin Jackson (previously Ms. Jax'em)
Teams: Jacksonville RollerGirls, New Jax City Rollers, First Coast Fatales, Team Florida
Age: 22
Years skated: I’ve been an inline speed skater since I was 10 and I started playing roller derby in October 2012
Position: Jammer
Hobbies: Speed skating and watching Netflix
Favorite Derby Move: Turning on the turbo jets to escape a blocker or catch the jammer
Bont boot: Hybrid Carbon, silver durolite with lime green trim
How did you get into derby? An old speed skater friend invited me to derby practice in the summer of 2012. I couldn’t really get into it at the time because I was focusing on the World Championships for speed, but as soon as I got back I was hooked!
Erin Jackson