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Name: Lauren Picciano
Derby Name: Addy Rawl
Teams: Team USA / Queen City Roller Girls
Age: 27
Years skated: 3 years
Position: Jammer
Hobbies: Watching sports, participating in sports, doing summer-y things, and eating delicious foods from all parts of the country I visit
Favorite Derby Move: A good juke that lands the blocker on their bum :)
Bont boot: Hybrid
How did you get into derby? A co-worker of mine had been asking us for suggestions for her derby name, and was raving about her newly found quad and calf muscles that she always made us touch and ogle at. I was looking for a new challenge after graduating from undergrad where I played DI softball; beer league slowpitch leagues did not give me the rush I was looking for. So alas, I joined as a ref that year in 2007 after missing the cut off for skaters and two years later joined as a skater in 2009. So thank you to my friend Liquid Courage of the Queen City RG for being so enthusiastic that you made my decision to join easy!
Lauren Picciano