Skater Intel

Mishel Castro Back to Quadstars
Name: Mishel Castro
Derby Name: Castro
Teams: Philly Liberty Belles, Pennsylvania All-Stars, Fishtown Fighting Shad
Age: 38
Years skated: I grew up in roller rinks but started playing roller derby 9 years ago
Position: Blocker
Hobbies: Traveling, photography, cycling, design; I also love road trips with many pit stops at junk stores, thrifts, antique shops. I love transforming old junk
Favorite Derby Move: The sticky swoop into sternum hit - that is, getting an opponent stuck in my side pocket + throwing my shoulder into their chest for a nice surprise.
Bont boot: Hybrid Carbon
How did you get into derby? When the Philly Roller Girls officially formed in March 2005, I was working at an alt-newsweekly and there was a cover story about how "roller derby is back!" - I immediately contacted the league and started skating shortly thereafter