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Name: Tracy Akers
Derby Name: Disco
Teams: Mile High Club /Home Team: Green Barrettes
Age: 27
Years skated: Skating derby since 2005 with no real prior experience skating except here and there at the roller rink as a child
Position: Pivot, Blocker
Hobbies: Dancing, Cycling, Water Sports, Dancing, Making things shiny, Being Awesome, Dancing, oh and I guess Roller Skating
Favorite Derby Move: Favorite move to watch, The apex jump; favorite move to do, picking up a skater on my booty with a swooping hit
Bont boot: Quad Racer leather (since 2008)
How did you get into derby? A friend of mine asked me of I would go try out with her. I was barley 21 and had no idea how roller derby was played and vaguely knew what it was! I went to support my friend and to check it out. I fell in love and I never looked back
Tracy Akers