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Tui Lyon Back to Quadstars
Name: Tui Lyon
Derby Name: Tui Lyon (Previously BB Bombshell)
Teams: Victorian Roller Derby League - All Stars.
Team Australia - 2014 World Cup
Age: 27
Years skated: Since 2008
Position: Blocker, Pivot
Hobbies: Lots of crafts but especially anything I can stick pom pom's on! I love fashion and styling and work part time running independent designer markets all over Melbourne
Favorite Derby Move: I call it the backwards banana, it's a backwards drive where I lead with my leg and wrap my long torso around the side of someone (or a wall) and drive them off the track. It's one of my favourite sneak offence moves!
Bont boot: Fully custom Australian themed Hybrid boot in fluro yellow and green
How did you get into derby? Some friends of mine watched the first VRDL bout and they got in touch to let me know that they had found the most perfect sport for me and I needed to give it a go immediately. Of course they were right! I went to my first practise, fell in love and have been playing all over the world ever since
Tui Lyon