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Scott Whitkop Back to Quadstars
Name: Scott Whitkop
Derby Name: Scott Slamilton
Teams: Puget Sound Outcasts & Team USA
Age: 28
Years skated: 24 years
Position: Mainly Jammer, but enjoying blocking and hitting opposing jammers
Hobbies: Skating has always been my hobby, but seriously do other people who play derby have time for hobbies?
Favorite Derby Move: The "Head Shake Shimmy Swerve Dive Twizzle Backpedal" move
Bont boot: Vaypor
How did you get into derby? I was asked to help coach a local league that was just in the beginning stages in 2007 because of my skating background. Got my first taste of playing derby myself at WFTDA Nationals in Portland 2008 with some guys during the halftime, and from there started playing with Puget Sound Outcast in 2009.