Evolve Quad Wheel $49.00
Selected Color :
59mm Blue 88A
59mm Purple 92A
59mm Red 95A
59mm Black 98A
63mm Blue 88A
63mm Pink 94A
63mm Green 96A
63mm Orange 98A
Flow Quad Wheel
Flow Quad Wheel $49.00
FX1 Quad Skate Wheel
FX1 Quad Wheel $40.00
Ballistic Quad Wheel
Ballistic Quad Wheel $30.00

Bont quad wheels are designed for roller derby, speed and park skating. They have extremely high roll, rebound, grip and wear properties. The hubs are made of lightweight polycarbonate or aluminum which are designed with the aid of CAD to provide a rigid structure for high-speed cornering. 

Range includes Royal Assassins, Evolve, FX1, Ballistics and Flow.