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Dimension: 85L x 60W cm

Ever wanted to have your very own Bont floor mat? No? Yea, we didn't think so either but some skaters contacted us and said that it works great at their local skate shop and wanted to buy one so here it is! Buy your very own shop Bont floor mat to use at home. Perfect for your garage area that leads to your skate workshop perhaps? I don't know. You can do whatever you want with it. Just buy it. High-quality material does a great job of getting moisture and dirt off of boots and shoes to keep it from getting tracked into your shop, house, treehouse, farm, out-house, doll-house, or wherever you want to put it. This is one heck of a door matt. It will probably increase the value of your property and cause the local feral animals to drop by. You may get sick of your neighbours constantly asking you 'where did you get that awesome floor mat from?' You can reply 'from bont.com of course!' Then you can all giggle and admire the floor mat a little longer. People who use the Bont floor mat say they just feel better about themselves. One customer wrote to us and said it helped her start a conversation with the postman. The Bont floor mat is not heat-moldable so don't put it in the oven and please don't write to us if you can't work out how to mount it. You just throw it on the floor. Break-in time for the mat is about 3 days and then it will be as comfortable as your old mat. Grammarly says that this product write up is 'optimistic' well wooptedoo what does Grammarly know...