Replacement Infinity Base Roller Skate Plates (pr)


The Bont roller derby quad Infinity skate plate is the first high performance adjustable plate on the market. This item is for the base plate only, available in three sizes: small, medium and large.

  • 224mm with a wheelbase of 102mm to 128mm
  • Fits bont boots sizes: 4 - 5.5
  • 244mm with a wheelbase of 102mm to 148mm
  • Fits bont boots sizes: 6 - 8.5
  • 264mm with a wheelbase of 122mm to 168mm
  • Fits bont boots size: 9+


    The Bont Infinity carbon fiber plate is the strongest plate on the market. This part offers exceptional strength while keeping weight to a minimum. The plate is made in a high pressure mold where the carbon fiber is hand laid and then baked in an autoclave.

      Carbon Fiber Plate