Quad Roller Skate Laces


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Fluoro Orange
Fluoro Yellow

Bont quad roller skate laces are available in three lengths and ten different colors. Bont laces are engineered not to stretch. Most running shoelaces have a lot of stretch in them but that is something that we do not want in a roller skate lace. If the lace stretches, then your skates will wriggle looser and you will need to stop to re-tighten your laces during your training session, roller derby bout etc. That's why we have engineered Bont roller skate laces to have as little stretch as possible. 

  • Length: 120cm, 150cm, 180cm 
  • Colors: Black, red, yellow, pink, purple, navy, grey, white, fluoro orange, fluoro yellow

Give your roller skates a totally new look by upgrading your skate laces. Here are some ideas that you may want to do with your roller skate laces:
- Match the skate lace color with your wheel color.
- Match your skate lace color to a color on your roller skate boot. 
- Use a dark colored boot with a bright colored lace on your skate
- Use a dark colored skate lace with your bright colored boot
- Use a different colored skate lace on each boot. 
- Use a long lace at the bottom section of the skate and a short one at the top of your skate.