Royal Assassin Roller Skate Wheels

Royal Assassin Roller Skate Wheels
Royal Assassin Roller Skate Wheels
Royal Assassin Roller Skate Wheels
Royal Assassin Roller Skate Wheels
Royal Assassin Roller Skate Wheels
Royal Assassin Roller Skate Wheels
Royal Assassin Roller Skate Wheels
Royal Assassin Roller Skate Wheels
Royal Assassin Roller Skate Wheels

Royal Assassin Roller Skate Wheels

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Royal Assassin wheels are in extremely limited supply and are expected to sell out quickly. We won't receive our next shipment for at least a month, so don't miss out! Please note that the image is for reference only, and the wheels are available in various sizes, widths, and colors, so please check carefully before ordering.

The Bont Royal Assassin wheel is truly a roller skate wheel that stands out in today's industry. While many wheels are mass-produced hastily with little attention to detail, the Royal Assassin takes the opposite approach. It is meticulously hand-poured, ensuring a perfectly round shape, and the final grooves are double-cut. Each wheel undergoes rigorous quality control checks to guarantee a true and smooth spin.

The hub of this exceptional wheel is crafted from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, meticulously machined for precision. Even after anodizing, the bearing seat is machined again to maintain the highest standards. These hubs are produced in China.

The urethane used in the Royal Assassin wheels is sourced from Australia, which is renowned worldwide for its top-notch urethane production. The unique urethane formula is the brainchild of Scott Corey, a recognized expert in the field. Bont has had a successful 30-year collaboration with Scott, and the urethane used in the Royal Assassin is an exclusive, low-volume formula specially created for Bont by Scott.

Regarding production, the Royal Assassin wheels are made in small batches, with the urethane carefully measured and poured by hand. While this manual approach ensures the highest quality, it does limit the production volume.

The urethane's shape, particularly the lip, is crucial to the wheel's performance. To ensure an optimal feel, we've considered feedback from our sponsored skaters when designing the wheel's lip shape.

These wheels boast an extraordinarily high rebound, offering an exhilarating and responsive ride. Their durability surpasses that of most wheels, lasting more than twice as long, thanks to their exceptional quality and resistance to wear. The virtually air bubble-free construction ensures a consistently smooth performance.

But what truly sets these wheels apart is their unparalleled grip, providing control and stability like no other wheel you've ever skated on. Additionally, they have a speedy wear-in time, allowing you to hit the ground rolling with optimal performance within a few hours of using the wheels.

Whether you're a seasoned skater or a newcomer to the sport, the Bont Royal Assassin wheels promise an exceptional skating experience that will leave you wondering how you ever got by without them.

Application: Indoor

Sold as a set of 8

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