Replacement Rubber Front Bumper - Quadstar Series


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This is a replacement protective rubber front bumper for your quad roller skates. The Quadstar bumper fits all models of Quadstar, Prostar and Parkstar boots and comes as a set of two bumpers (left and right).  

Use a hair dryer to make the rubber warm. Slowly peel off the old rubber bumper. You may need to reheat the rubber multiple times to get the whole of the bumper off. Use Loctite 401 or similar to then attach the new bumper to the boot. 

Sizes for Quadstar and Prostar boots
  • (size 13/31 -  size 3.5/35.5)
  • M (size 4/36 - size 7.5/40)
  • L (size 8/41 -  size 13.5/51) 
Sizes for Parkstar boots
  • (size 1/33 -  size 3.5/35.5)
  • L (size 4/36 -  size 13/50)