Custom Boots

Bont has been creating custom skates since 1975 and is the world’s largest producer of custom made skates. Each week we produce up to 200 pairs of custom boots. 

It's Easy!

Using the Bont custom molding box is super easy. Just put the protection on the skaters foot, pop the foot in the box and leave it to set for 5 minutes. Do the other foot and you are done. How easy is that? Total molding time is 10 minutes. 

The Benefits

  1. Get paid in advance - The skater will pay you up front so there is no need to keep stock
  2. Make your customers happy - Custom boots are the best option for all skaters, not just those with unusually shaped feet. Once you have worn custom boots, you will never go back to stock boots. 
  3. Custom boots are more expensive which means you earn more money per sale. 

How long do custom boots take to make?

  • 1 week to ship the molds to our factory
  • 4-6 weeks production time (can take longer in peak periods and holidays)
  • 1 week to ship the boots back

Total time 6-8 weeks, sometimes sooner.

How much do custom boots cost?

Our new prices include everything. Freight, molding sox and boots!

  • Inline Vaypor - $849 (retail $1099)
  • Inline BNT -  $699 (retail $899
  • Roller Hybrid Carbon - $699 (retail $899)
  • Long Track Vaypor - (retail $1099)
  • Long Track Z - $699 (retail $899)
  • Short Track Vaypor - $849 (retail $1099)
  • Short Track Z - $699 (retail $899)

Price includes:

  • Molding socks and shipping the socks to you
  • Freighting the molds to our factory
  • Return freight for the boots  


As the boot is custom made for the customer, we can not accept the boots back if the customer changes their mind. We can not resell these boots to anyone else. Many problems usually work themselves out after two weeks of skating on the boots. Even though a boot is custom, it may still need some minor adjustments which you can offer to the skater. The boot can be stretched up to 3mm. Hot spots can be pressed out with heat and pliers. If a skater is not happy with an aspect of the boot such as the height, we request an additional $200 to cover some of the cost of the remake. 


We can accept molds made by plaster, laser scan (+$50), or our original molding sox with or without the carbon molding box.

Bont's carbon molding box

Plaster molds are great but they are heavy and expensive to ship. Laser scans are free to ship but they don't apply any pressure to the foot so we need to guess how much flesh to sand off the skaters foot. So we invented a new item called the Bont carbon molding box. The box has foam in it that squashes your foot to replicate the feeling of your foot being squashed into a boot and the results are outstanding. The box is subsidized so you just pay $100 + freight for it from our Florida warehouse. 

That all sounds great, how do I order?

To order the casting sox's and or molding box, you will need to design the skate first using the MyBonts boot options and follow the steps after designing them. Any questions please email

Bont casting manual PDF - By hand

Bont casting manual PDF - By box


We push the limits of technology to help you perform at your best.