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    Bont's Short Track Ice Speed Skating equipment is made from high-end materials and is very lightweight. Perfect for all levels of experience, from beginner to elite. Buy Bont short track speed skating blades, boots, sharpening stones, jigs, protective gloves and other equipment. Bont is the world's largest producer of short track speed skates. Since 1975. Buy the fastest and the best short track skates. 

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    Choosing the right length short track blade

    When you are starting short track speed skating, it may be daunting to select the right size blade. Longer blades are faster, but they also take more strength and are harder to do a cross-over. Here are some scenarios below to help you choose the right short-track blade. 

    If you are a kid, boots will often come paired with a blade, or you can email us and ask us what size blade will pair well with a certain boot size for the height and ability of your child. 

    If you are a man starting out who is average size, I would recommend a 16" blade. Entry-level blades are made with softer metal that can withstand a crash without breaking or chipping. 

    If you are a tall man starting out, then a 16.5" blade would be a good starting option. 

    If you are an average-height woman starting out, a 15" blade would be a good starting point, and a 15.5" - 16" blade if you are a tall woman. 

    Olympic-level male speed skaters will use 17.5" to 18" blades, and females use 16.5" to 17" blades.

    How to sharpen short track blades

    Please see this video showing you how to sharpen your blades with a jig and sharpening stones. Bont sells sharpening stones and a jig. 


    Blade Bend

    Short track blades are bent towards to left to help you turn. The bend needs to match the radius. Bont blades are pre-bent to help get you started, but you will need an expert to teach you how to bend your blades to match your radius. It can take months to learn this process. 

    Blade Radius

    The radius (also known as the rocker) is usually set at 8m to 9m. It is also possible to have a multi-radius that may have a flat spot in the middle for better glide and a smaller radius on the ends for turning. A multi-radius makes it more difficult to match your bend. 

    Blade Material

    Short track blades are made of aircraft-grade Aluminum. Some aluminum bend and retain their bend better than others. That part of the blade that you skate on is made of steel. There are two main high-end steels which are powder metal tool steel and bi-metal. Bi-metal blades have a soft layer of steel that attaches to the tube and a hard layer of steel that touches the ice. This type of steel was developed for hacksaw blades. Bont does not believe that bi-metal is a suitable steel for short track applications because the soft part of the steel can flex at high speeds in the turns. This can cause a skater to crash when the steel flexes. Bont's powder metal tool steel is an extremely fine steel and is perfect for speed skating. 


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