Black Friday

bont black friday sale

Black Friday will be back in November as the year's biggest online sales event, and Bont Skates is getting ready to give you the best deals on inline speed skates, ice speed skates, roller derby skates, recreational skates, and skate park skates!

Do you need inline skate wheels, custom boots, skate bearings, roller skate wheels, protective gear, helmets, ice blades, accessories, and apparel? We have you covered. Check out our most popular items below and add them to your wish list for this Black Friday.

Bont's Black Friday sale will start Tuesday, 22nd November 2022, and last through to Cyber Monday, 28th November 2022. Sign up for our newsletter to get early VIP access to the sale.


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bont roller skate bearing press
Bont inline speed skate bearing press
bont adult skate bag
125mm Inline Skate Bearing Press
Adults Skate Backpack
bont kids skate backpack bont waxed skate laces bont shimmer skate laces
Kids Skate Backpack
Waxed Skate Laces
Shimmer Skate Laces
bont glow led light up luminous roller skate wheel Bont ABEC7 skate bearings bont avenger inline speed skating wheel
Glow LED Light Up Wheels ABEC7 Skate Bearings Avenger Inline Skating Wheel
Pro Skate Knee Pad bont skate gloves Mybont skate boots
Pro Skate Knee Pad Skate Gloves MyBonts Custom Boots


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are our biggest sales events of the year. Looking for cheap roller skate deals? Need a new set of inline skates, or you may want to upgrade your roller skate wheels. We have you covered. Take advantage of this once-a-year Black Friday deal to stock up on skate bearings, apparel, protection pads, and accessories.

At, we love a good sale to give you the best products at the most affordable prices, and Black Friday 2022 is one of our biggest sale days, so buckle up!

We’re slashing prices on a huge range of Bont Skates and products, such as roller skates, ice skates, and inline skates, so you can save big this year during our annual Black Friday sales. Save on everything from bearings to wheels and clothing to protection and everything in between! Check out our new range of Glow LED roller skate wheels and shimmer and waxed skate laces.

There’s a rumor that Black Friday started with retailers in the 1980’s in the U.S., which falls on the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday. They say it’s called Black Friday because this is when retailers would financially come out of the red (deficit) and into the black (profit) as customers started to stock up on gifts for the Christmas holidays.

We know it can be hard sometimes to stick to a budget and still buy the skates you need and want. That’s why we love to bring you our sale days at, and Black Friday is one of our biggest online sales of the year. We want you to have access to living the lifestyle you want and to have the things you need to make your quality of life the best it can be.

What are the advantages of shopping on Black Friday?

There are so many advantages to shopping on Black Friday, especially if you shop online with us. Not only do you get to shop from the convenience and comfort of your own home and curate your shopping list, but you’re able to do all of this while saving up to hundreds of dollars depending on what skates you buy.

We know customers will buy products ranging from essentials they’ve saved up for luxury purchases to treat themselves and their loved ones.

We’ve got such a massive range of roller skates, ice skates, speed skates, and inline skates ranging across a wide variety of categories that you’re guaranteed to find the things you both need and want online during our Black Friday 2022 sale!

If it’s time to upgrade your skates, either for the skate park, ice rink, street skating, or just for fun, we have a great range of skates, pads, helmets, wheels, bearings, frames, and apparel for men, women, and children, and they’ll all be heavily discounted during our Black Friday sale so bookmark the date! If you like to stay fit, treat yourself to a fresh pair of fitness skates, including 125mm skates, a set of fitness roller skates for women, so you feel great while you keep your body healthy. Maybe your schedule doesn’t allow you to get outside or to the gym often enough, you can stay fit while roller skating. Health is the first wealth, after all.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your skates with a set of MyBont's custom or semi-custom skates. You've been making your old skates, bearings, or wheels go the distance, but they are on their final legs, and you’re in desperate need of a replacement. We have a massive range of roller skates, ice skates, and inline skates, including wheels, bearings, and protective pads, on sale during Black Friday 2021, and this is one of the best times to upgrade your skates! Save big on our range of skate laces. We have a huge range of roller skate and inline skate laces, including our latest shimmer range of skate laces. Or, you may be looking for a set of LED light-up glow roller skate wheels. Our Glow LED roller skate wheels are super bright and make night skating super fun. Whatever your budget, Black Friday sales are the perfect opportunity to stock up on what you need and come in under budget, saving you money to go towards other things you need.

The advantages of shopping on Black Friday are ultimately about saving you both time and money. Still, by doing it online at our store, you’re also saving yourself a tonne of stress from navigating and negotiating the physical in-store sales, which, let’s be honest, can get a little wild and be super overwhelming. Avoid all of that drama and unnecessary expenditure of time queuing to get in and to pay and potentially not even getting what you trekked out there to get. Shopping for Black Friday 2022 can be as easy as getting online, browsing our skate products, placing an order, and kicking back to relax. The choice is yours.

Where can I find the best Black Friday 2022 deals online?

You can find the best Black Friday 2022 deals online right here at

Shop in the convenience and comfort of your own home and skip the battles with the crowds in-store this Black Friday. Hop online to our website and order from our heavily discounted collections across everything from roller skates for women to inline skates for men and kids and so much more. With hundreds of products to choose from and available great deals, we’re sure you’ll find and save this Black Friday.

As you browse items, our recommendations, collections, and suggestions make it easy to find similar or complementary items that you might like to consider to upgrade, treat yourself, or save big on essentials. Black Friday is one of our favorite sales because we know we’re bringing some of the biggest Black Friday savings that will satisfy your needs and desires and not break your budget.

Shop with us for the best Black Friday 2022 deals.