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    Inline Speed Skates

    Buy Bont Inline Speed Skates, the perfect skates for all levels of speed skating. From boys and girls to men and women. We cater to all types of speed skating, including bank track skating, indoor skating, and outdoor skating. We manufacture the fastest and the best boots, frames, wheels, bearings, and components. Buy the fastest and best inline speed skates. Bont Skates are the leaders in inline skates, roller skates, and ice skates. 

    Bont is the inventor of the modern inline speed skate. Bont was the first company to take a leather ice skate and add fiberglass for support which allowed short-track skaters to greatly increase their power transfer. These short track boots became the first inline speed skates. Bont inline speed skates continue to dominate the inline speed skating world championships and set world records. Bont inline speed skates are the world's most popular inline speed skates. 

    Men's Inline Skates

    When fitting your men's inline skates, loosen the laces and wear thin socks. Put your foot in the men's inline skate and kick your heel to the back of the boot. Now tighten the bottom laces firmly but don't cut off the blood circulation. You can tighten the top laces on your men's inline skates much tighter. If you feel any discomfort on your men's inline skates, you can heat mold your boots in the oven. 

    Women's Inline Skates

    Women's inline skates typically use shorter frames and have smaller wheels. While men's inline skates often use 125mm three-wheel inline skates or four 110mm wheel inline skates, women's inline skates generally use 90mm or 110mm wheels. Women's inline skates often come in pink, purple, white, and black colors. Women's inline skates for recreational skating usually come with 70mm, 80mm, or 90mm wheels. The larger the wheel, the faster the skate will go and the harder it will be to push. 

    Shop Our Large Selection Of Men's And Women's Inline Skates

    Shop Our Collection of Bont Women's and Men's Inline Skates, the World's Largest Manufacturer of Inline Roller Skates. To determine your shoe size, please review our size guide. 

    Bont Inline Speed Skates Are the Best Skates For Every Speed Skater 

    No matter what level of speed skating you're at, Bont carries multiple styles of men's and women's inline skates. We're proud to be the fastest manufacturer of inline speed skates. 

    While modern inline skates were first designed for ice hockey players to wear during fitness training, any skater can wear a pair of Bont inline roller blades. So whether you skate frequently or want to get in shape, you can't go wrong with Bont skates. 

    Browse our wide range of inline skates for men and women. Bont high cut boots offer more ankle support than the low cut boots.

    Inline Skates vs. Roller Skates: What's The Better Choice?

    If you're new to skating, you might find it easier to learn on a pair of inline skates rather than quad roller skates. That's because the best inline skates offer your feet and ankles a lot of rigid support. Additionally, the wheels extend farther out in the front and back of your foot, making it easier for you to balance. 

    The long-wheelbase has thinner and bigger wheels, up to a 125mm 3-wheel roller blade setup, that are not as sensitive to cracks and other surface irregularities in outdoor spaces. As a result, inline skates can be a more practical and easier solution for those learning how to skate. 

    The best inline speed skates are also much faster than roller skates. That's because the wheels have a larger diameter. Inline skates are also much more versatile than roller skates and can be used on various surfaces. Three-wheel inline skates offer less resistance and generally are faster skates.

    How to Buy Kid's Inline Skates

    Skating with your child is a great way to build memories as a family. Not only do you get to spend time together, but your child gets physical exercise while building up a new skill. Your child's motor skills, like balance, will also improve. 

    The kid's inline skates at Bont provide excellent ankle support. This enables your child to have better control and stability

    With children's inline skates, your child can easily build up and maintain their speed. The skates are lightweight, making them easy for kids to use. They also need less maintenance

    If your child loves to ice skate or plays ice hockey, inline skates are a great alternative to ice skates in the warmer months. They can continue to practice their skating skills, even in the off-season. 

    Protect Your Child

    We recommend your child wear a complete set of skate protection that covers their elbows, wrists, knees, and head. Look for equipment that's certified and tested by skaters.

    What Are The Differences Between Men's And Women's Inline Skates?

    Roller blades for men's and women's inline skates are basically built the same. However, women's inline skates have smaller wheels and shorter frames. Women's skates typically use 90mm or 110mm wheels. Men's inline skates often use 125mm 3-wheel inline speed skates or 110mm four-wheel system. 

    Women's skates are also narrower in size since their feet are typically narrower. A woman with a wider foot can purchase a men's inline skate. Keep in mind that if you buy a men's skate, you'll need to buy a smaller size skate. You can refer to our size chart for extra guidance. 

    Enjoy The Benefits Of Innovative Inline Skate Technology 

    At Bont Skates, we're famed for pioneering many of the well-known boot advancements that other skate companies have adopted. In addition to being one of the first manufacturers to use fiberglass, we were the first company to use thermoplastics and heat-moldable resins in inline skate production. We were also the first to make skates where the frame and blade could be adjusted on the skate's boot. 

    Read more about the benefits you'll experience when you purchase a pair of Bont inline skates. 

    High-Quality Materials

    Our inline skates have a carbon base. We source our carbon from Toray of Japan, the world's #1 carbon manufacturer. We handmake the base by sandwiching together different types of carbon. The carbon is then embedded with a thermosetting epoxy resin. 

    Skate Resin Development 

    At Bont Skates, we develop our resin in-house. Our computer technology mixes the skate's hardener and resin together, dispensing it after measuring the air's humidity and temperature. This step is crucial since the temperature and humidity of the atmosphere are critical in figuring out how much hardener needs to be added to the resin. 

    Our process differs from other skate manufacturers, whose resin is often chosen by a carbon fiber manufacturer. As a result, they don't have the opportunity to change the resin to meet the requirements of modern skates. Bont manufacture all manner of inline skate parts for inline hockey skates, aggressive inline skates, inline skates for kids etc.

    Skate Foam Padding

    Bont exclusively uses closed-cell memory foam when producing our inline skates. Other brands use open-cell foam, which absorbs water and is cheaper. Our foam won't absorb water or sweat, keeping your skates free of moisture. This feature is something that cheap roller blades do not offer.

    One-Piece Construction 

    We create high-end inline skates using a method called one-piece construction. While this method is more time-consuming than other inline skate production methods, it produces a high-quality product. 

    With this method, the outer skin of the skate boot is stitched to an anti-stretch material that's been bonded to the carbon. This guarantees that your skates won't stretch over time. We pioneered this process during the production of our custom speed skates. 

    Custom Skates

    We're proud to have produced more custom pairs of inline skates than any other skate manufacturer. Our production time takes around three to eight weeks. The result is a pair of skates that perfectly molds to your feet. 

    How Do I Know What Customization Options to Select?

    What's excellent about Bont Skates is that you can customize multiple features on your pair of inline skates, making them unique to you. For example, choose your favorite color for your skates or a shade that matches the rest of your skate gear. 

    If you like to skate longer distances, we recommend choosing bigger wheels. Larger wheels make it easier to maintain your speed while exerting less energy. The wheel size of 90, 100, or 110mm will work. 125mm wheels are the largest wheels that we make and they are perfect for skating marathons. 

    For shorter distances, you can go with smaller wheels. It'll be easier for you to stop, turn, and maneuver with smaller wheels. The wheel size of around 80 to 84mm will suffice. 

    After purchasing your skates, you must look after your inline skate bearings. This means avoiding water, sand, and dirt as much as possible. If you do get them dirty, be sure to clean them immediately. 

    The Benefits of Inline Skating

    Inline skating comes with a variety of benefits. One of them is that inline skating is an aerobic exercise. It gets your lungs working while increasing your heart rate. You can increase the benefits you experience by skating on a hill, doing interval skating, or skating faster. 

    Roller Blading strengthens and tones your muscles. Core, lower, and upper body muscles all get a workout during an inline skating session. 

    Inline skating also improves your body's balance. You can progress to more advanced moves as you learn basic inline skating skills. You'll learn crossover turns, how to skate backward, and aggressive skating. All of these skills work together to challenge your agility, coordination, and balance.

    How Do I Select A Pair Of Inline Skates?

    Step 1: Browse Our Online Selection

    We carry a wide selection of both men's and women's inline skates in various colors and styles. 

    Step 2: Customize Your Order

    Once you've chosen the style of inline skates you want, you can customize your order by selecting the color, size, width, bearing, wheel, and frame. Make sure you double-check your boot size by using our size chart

    Step 3: Receive Your Skates

    We ship out our orders Monday through Friday with FedEx, UPS, or USPS. 

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