Full Custom Boots

Take your performance to the next level and get boots that fit like a second skin! Bont is famous for producing custom inline speed skates, custom short track speed skates, custom long track speed skates, custom quad speed skates, custom roller skates, and custom roller derby skates.

Bont has been creating custom skates since 1975 and is the world’s largest producer of custom-made skates. Our production time is between 8-12 weeks to produce skates made around a mold of your feet. We can accept molds made by plaster with Bont carbon molding box.

Explore Our Custom Skate Range: Don’t forget to check out our MyBonts boot option, available for inline skates, ice speed skates, and roller skates. MyBonts offers a wide range of customization options to ensure your skates are not only a perfect fit but also showcase your personal style. Dive into the world of custom skates and experience the difference with MyBonts!

Check the map to see who your closest Bont molding agent is: Then email the closest agent to get molded. Payment in full at the time of molding. 

The Bont Warehouse - Palmetto FL - orders@bont.com - 941-722-2668
Chris Hale / Star Skate - Oklahoma City- starskatemwc@gmail.com
Tanner Worley - Salt Lake City - worleytanner23@gmail.com - 316-727-9654
Patty Leazier Astro Skate - Palm Beach - pattyleazier@hotmail.com  - 561-766-1333
Drew Flowers / Five Stride Portland - omg@fivestride.com - 503-265-8170
Kelsey Rodgers - Hagerstown Maryland Kelseyhelman@yahoo.com
Rick Abrahamson - Minneapolis - aborocks@gmail.com - 218-260-7670


Model Retail
Full Custom Vaypor BOA  $      1,509.00
Full Custom Vaypor  $      1,499.00
Full Custom BNT  $      1,399.00
Full Custom ST Vaypor BOA  $      1,599.00
Full Custom ST  Vaypor  $      1,499.00
Full Custom LT Vaypor  $      1,499.00
Full Custom ST BNT BOA  $      1,419.00
Full Custom ST BNT  $      1,399.00
Full Custom LT BNT  $      1,399.00
Full Custom Quad Hybrid Carbon  $         899.00
Full Custom Quad Racer Carbon  $         899.00
Full Custom Protégé   $         899.00
Full Custom Quad Hybrid Fiberglass  $         839.00



We push the limits of technology to help you perform at your best.