Inline Skate Bearings

Inline Skate Bearing press
125mm Inline Skate Bearing press Gold $59.00

Inline Skate Bearing Puller Tips
Replacement Skate Bearing Press Puller Tips $5.99

608 Inline Self Centering Spacer From $1.55

Jesa 608 Black Series Inline Speed Skating Bearing
Jesa 608 Black Series Inline Skate Bearings $57.00

608 ABEC 5 Inline Skate Bearings
608 ABEC 5 Inline Skate Bearings $26.00

608 ABEC 7 Inline Skate Bearings
608 ABEC 7 Inline Skate Bearings $31.00

JESA 608 CERAMIC Inline Speed Skating Bearing
Jesa 608 Ceramic Inline Skate Bearings $299.00

Bont 688 Inline Speed Skating Bearing
688 Mini Inline Skate Bearings From $51.00

Swiss Jesa 688 Steel Inline Skate Bearings
Swiss Jesa 688 Mini Steel Inline Skate Bearings From $51.00

688 Mini Inline Bearing Adapter
688 Mini Inline Bearing Adapter $1.15

688 Mini Inline Cylinder Spacer
688 Mini Inline Cylinder Spacer $1.55

Electronic Inline Bearing Cleaner
Electronic Inline Bearing Cleaner $59.00

Bont insists on only producing the best inline speed skate bearings in the world. We partner with the best bearing manufacturers such as Jesa of Switzerland to produce our inline skate bearings. We go the extra mile using premium hardened steel, we double polish the inner race and we use extremely precise balls. Bont inline skate bearings come with light racing oil rather than grease.  If you want to buy the fastest and best skate bearings, look no further. 608 and 688 bearings.

Our inline skate bearings are tested not only by our professional team of inline speed skaters but also by our team of professional roller derby skaters. This additional testing ensures that our bearings can cope with hits and jumps as well as rolling extremely fast in a straight line. Bont inline skaters have set world records on our bearings so you know that they are the highest quality inline skate bearings in the world. Bont pays meticulous attention to detail when constructing our roller skate bearings. Our Black series and ceramic bearings use high-grade steel with extremely precise balls and fine polishing. 

608 bearings

608 bearings are the most popular form of inline skate bearings. They are also used in roller skates, skateboards, and scooters. As 608 bearings are so plentiful, they are very cost-effective. Although 608 bearings may all look alike, they are certainly not all made the same. Cheap 608 bearings will use softer metal which will warp under load. Cheap 608 bearings do not have a polished inner race, and they are usually packed with grease rather than light racing oil. 

688 bearings

688 bearings are also referred to as mini bearings. These bearings spool up faster than 608 roller skate bearings, and they are around 1/4 of the weight. The last 8 in 688 refers to the size of the hole in the middle of the bearing. These bearings are great for skating marathons because you have less weight on your feet. 

Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic bearings are the best bearings you can buy, but like 608 bearings, they are not all made the same. Cheap ceramic bearings will not use high-grade ceramic balls, not polish the inner race and, in many cases, be slower than a steel 608 bearing. Swiss brands make the most high-quality ceramic bearings. 

Swiss Bearings

Swiss bearings sound like they are made in Switzerland, right? Well, that's not the case. Swiss bearings were originally made in Switzerland, but now Swiss bearings are a style of bearing, and most of them are made in China. 

Bearing Press

A bearing press makes it easier to get your bearings in and out of your roller skate wheels, inline skate wheels, skateboard wheels, and scooter wheels. Check out the video below to see the Bont bearing press in action. 



ABEC Rating

Here is a list of all the different types of bearings you may see. ABEC 5, ABEC 7, ABEC 9, ABEC 11, SWISS, ceramic, titanium, shielded bearings, non-shielded bearings z and zz bearings. Now here is some info about what that all means because it can be confusing. The ABEC bearing rating is a way of telling the difference between bearings made by one manufacturer. The higher the number, the better the bearing (or so the theory goes). An ABEC 9 bearing should be better than an ABEC 7 bearing. Bearing manufacturing is a bit like the wild west. As there is no governing agency, it is common to see an ABEC 5 bearing from one company outperform an ABEC 9 bearing from another brand. It is rumored that many brands stamp whatever rating they want on bearings. My best advice to you is to buy bearings from a reputable brand. I do not believe that any bearings could have an ABEC rating of ABEC 11; they just do not exist in the roller skating world. I guarantee a Bont Black series bearing will outperform any ABEC 11 stamped bearing on the market. 

If a bearing has Z stamped on it, it has one metal shield. It has ZZ then it has two metal shields. 

"Titanium" bearings are not actually made with titanium balls and races. They are steel bearings coated in Titanium Nitride. Our testing has not shown any improvement over a traditional steel ball.