Bont Crank Inline Racing Oil

Bont Crank Inline Racing Oil
Bont Crank Inline Racing Oil
Bont Crank Inline Racing Oil
Bont Crank Inline Racing Oil

Bont Crank Inline Racing Oil

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Crank Racing Oil for Bearings by Bont Skates

Elevate Your Skating Experience

Discover the ultimate solution for your skating bearings with Bont Skates' Crank Racing Oil. Designed for both inline and roller skates, this premium lubricant is engineered to enhance the performance and longevity of your bearings.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Durability: Our formula is crafted to provide superior protection against wear and tear, ensuring your bearings last longer, no matter the intensity of your skating. It protects against corrosion even when exposed to salt water.
  • Unparalleled Spin Time: Crank Racing Oil is not just a lubricant; it's a performance enhancer. Experience an incredibly prolonged spin time and skate faster than ever before.
  • Premium Composition: We've utilized advanced lubrication technology to create a product that stands out in the market. This oil is formulated and made in Germany to maintain its efficacy under various skating conditions, ensuring consistent performance. The oil protects your bearings from wear and keeps them cool when skating fast.
  • Easy Application: The Crank Racing Oil bottle design allows for precise and hassle-free application, ensuring that all bearing parts are adequately lubricated without wastage.
  • Environmentally Friendly: At Bont Skates, we are committed to sustainability. Our oil is made with environmentally conscious synthetic ingredients, ensuring your passion for skating doesn't come at the planet's expense. The box is made from recycled cardboard, and the bottle is made from recycled plastic.


  • Reduces friction, allowing for smoother and faster skating.
  • Shields bearings from corrosion, moisture, and heat.
  • Enhances the efficiency of bearings, contributing to energy-saving skating.
  • Suitable for all types of skating environments, from rinks to roads.

Whether you're a professional racer or a recreational skater, Bont Skates' Crank Racing Oil is your go-to for ensuring that your skates are always in peak condition. Experience the difference with every push!

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