Roller Skate Wheels and Roller Derby Wheels

FXX Roller Skate Wheels
FXX Roller Skate Wheels $210.00

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Glow™ Light Up LED Roller Skate Wheels $78.00

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BPM 78A Roller Skate Outdoor Wheels $69.90

Glide Roller Skate Outdoor Wheels $59.90

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FX1 Roller Skate Wheels $80.00

Ballistic Roller Skate Wheel
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Replacement Led Spacer
Replacement Led Spacer $1.00

Bont roller skate quad wheels are designed for roller skating, roller derby, speed skating, and park skating. They have extremely high roll, rebound, grip, and wear properties. Bont is famous for making the best roller skate wheels in the world. Buy the best roller skate and roller derby wheels. 

There are hundreds of roller skate wheel brands on the market. Only Bont roller skate wheels push the boundaries of roller skate wheel designs with hot cure urethanes, advanced aluminum hubs, and specialized bearings like our 167 bearings. We push the roller skate wheel design limits so you can perform at your best. To learn more about making Bont roller skate wheels, check out this blog called Roller Skate Wheels - Royal Assassin. This blog post details what it takes to make the world's best roller skate wheels. If you want to see what's next for the future of roller skate wheels, take a look at this blog post on 3D printed roller skate wheels. 

Roller skating wheels come in many different shapes, sizes, hardness, and designs. Here are some general rules for choosing the best roller skate wheel:

  • If you are skating outdoors for fun, by the beach, or on concrete, you are going to want a fairly soft roller skate wheel that is around 78a. No matter how you skate, this hardness wheel is great for having fun. 
  • If you are skating indoors, you will need to talk to people at the rink and ask them what hardness wheels they use. This will depend on the surface of the rink and if it has any coating on it. You will be looking for a wheel that is between 92a to 100a durometer. 
  • If you are a very lightweight skater, you can use a softer wheel; if you are a heavy person, you will want a harder wheel. As an example, if the roller skate rink has a nice grippy floor then a lightweight skater who is 50kg/60kg or 110lb/140lb you would be looking at the 92a wheels. 70kg/80kg or 150lb/190lb a 95a wheel or above 90kg or 200lb a 98a wheel.
  • If the rink is very slippery, you will want to use a softer wheel, and if it is very grippy, you can select a harder roller skate wheel for more speed.

Roller skate wheels use the Shore scale to measure their hardness. Harder wheels often have less surface contact, making them more slippery than softer wheels. It’s all about finding the balance that feels comfortable during use.

There are two scales used for roller skates:

A scale: for urethane compound wheels

D scale: for plastic compound wheels


Since these materials act differently at each hardness level, they need separate scales. In addition, U.S. measurements in hardness are also different from that of European ones.

Over time you’ll find that wheels harden due to wear and aging. When a wheel becomes too hard, they tend to be difficult to control.

The hardness will tell you where the best use of the wheels is. The best outdoor roller skate wheels have different measurements, depending on the environment. Some wheels work best for skate parks, while others are designed for streets.

The best roller skate wheels for indoor and outdoor areas are available at Bont. We have a wide variety you can place for your 4-wheel roller skates, hybrid roller skate wheels, and more. 

Choosing the best quad wheel

Choosing the best roller skate and derby wheels boils down to high-quality features. You want your wheels to be durable while also having excellent wheel balance. The wheels must roll while also retaining their grip and rebound. If you’re looking for the best skate wheels, you need a trustworthy online retailer to handle your purchases.

Bont Roller Skates provide everything from competitive wheels to stylish designs. It can be challenging to choose the right product amidst hundreds of choices. We have outdoor skate wheels, indoor roller skate wheels, quad roller skate wheels, and more.


How to Change Roller Skate Wheels?

There are many reasons why you’d want to change wheels. You may desire wheels with a different hardness level, for example.
Taking it apart and putting it back together may seem like an overwhelming process. To simplify it, you need a few tools.

The first thing you need to do is use the tool on the nut of the skate wheel axle and unscrew it. Make sure to put the nut in a safe location, as you’ll need it when putting in the new wheel.
Pull off the old wheel. Then place the new wheel with its new bearings onto the axle. You may notice that some wheels offer less room for the nut, depending on how wide it is. Screw the nut back with your fingers and make sure the wheel aligns.
Tighten the nut using the skate tool. Make sure to leave a little room for the wheel to spin, so don’t tighten it too hard. Spin the wheel with your hand to make sure it’s working. Then, double-check the nut to make sure it’s secure.
You can get both the wheels and bearings you need at Bont. We have different types of products, such as:

If you’re looking for indoor or outdoor roller skate wheels, we have them all. Browse from our shop and buy one that fits best for you.

How to Get Bearings Out of Skate Wheels?

Knowing how to remove and install the bearings can make all the difference in your skating experience. It is one of the most vital skate parts, needing extra care. Whether it’s four wheel roller skates or luminous skate wheels, here’s what you need:

  • Bearing removal tool
  • Bearing pusher
  • Allen wrench
  • Three-sided aftermarket tool

Each wheel has a bearing on the side. Slide the Allen wrench in the middle and slowly rotate the wheel. Then, use your removal tool or flathead screwdriver to pry the bearing from the inside of the wheel. It will act as a crowbar.
This method works best for floating-bearing spacers. You’ll only need the removal tool to pry the bearing in simpler standard bearing spacers.
This method works for all types of roller skates. You can use it for outdoor quad skate wheels, led roller skate wheels, and more. Bont sells the best roller skate wheels.

Roller Skates: A Brief History

Skating is one of the oldest pastimes, tracing its origins to the 1700s. It was an invention meant to make other products noticeable but lacked balance. French inventors began furthering their potential in the 1800s, and the quad skates design originated there.

Today, skating remains a hobby or pastime for many, and there’s even a competitive scene surrounding it. Many believe that its popularity stemmed from the idea of it being another method of transportation apart from walking or running. Nevertheless, it’s unlikely that roller skates are going out of style any time soon.

Choose Bont: The Best Place for Roller Skates and Roller Derby Wheels

Since the 1980s, Bont has provided high-quality wheels for both enthusiasts and professionals. We are the first company to offer a variety of materials, including carbon fiber and Kevlar. Our designs revolutionized roller skates as we were the first to use thermoplastics. We offered more lightweight options to skaters.

If you’re looking for accessories, skates, wheels, and apparel, we are the place to shop. We believe in breaking the mold and pushing the limit with our designs without compromising comfort and excellent performance. 

Wheel Information

The Bont Ballistic wheel is an affordable outdoor skate wheel. Outdoor wheels are considerably softer than indoor wheels. Outdoor wheels will wear out faster and grip better than indoor wheels. The Bont LED wheel is called Glow, and it comes in a range of colors. Light up wheels glow in the dark and light up wheels also help keep you safe as everyone can see you. Light up wheels work without batteries. We are constantly releasing new colors of light up wheels also known as LED wheels. Our Evolve Range of wheels is specifically designed for high end applications such as roller derby wheels and speed skating wheels. The Evolve range of wheels are a great indoor wheel or outdoor wheel, depending on the wheel hardness. 

The BPM wheel is one of the most popular outdoor wheels. It is perfect for street skating on outdoor surfaces. 

If you want to skate in a park then our Flow range of park skate wheels is what you will need. The Flow wheels are very hard, which is great for ramps, pipes, jumps, and anything in the skate park. They glide smoothly with good performance at a great price.