Short Track Skates

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    Bont's Short Track Ice Speed Skating equipment is made from high-end materials and is very lightweight. Perfect for all levels of experience, from beginner to elite. Buy Bont short track speed skating blades, boots, sharpening stones, jigs, protective gloves and other equipment. Bont is the world's largest producer of short track speed skates. Since 1975. Buy the fastest and the best short track skates. 

    Where it all began

    Short track is where it all began for Bont. Way back in 1974, Mr. and Mrs. Bont were recreational short track skaters. Back at a time when training was cheating and boots were made of leather with blades that were riveted to the boot. Inze Bont was always a tinkerer. He always felt that there had to be a better way of making a boot than what he was wearing. He started out with his old Planet boots and fiberglassed around the heel of his boot. On his first outing, he knew he was onto a winner. He had so much more power and speed from the extra support his boot was giving him. The problem he was now facing was that his increase in speed was causing his boot to scrub out on the turns. It was at this time that he invented the adjustable short track blade. 

    Inze then set out to make his own custom boots. He started by wrapping his feet with plastic and laying up fiberglass directly onto his foot which was quite painful. By 1975, he had made mountains of sample short track boots, and he was ready to start selling them. Bont Skates, the company, was born. When a skater won the world championships on Inzes boots by a considerable margin, orders started flooding in. Bont Skates quickly became the #1 short track brand in the world, and it is a position we have held to this day. 

    Bont short track skates are known for having exceptional value for money. Extremely well-trained boot makers make them. The boots are comfortable and long-lasting. Bont short track skates have set numerous world records and won many world championships. 


    We push the limits of technology to help you perform at your best.