Mybonts ST Vaypor Boa Ice Skate Boots

Mybonts ST Vaypor Boa Ice Skate Boots
Mybonts ST Vaypor Boa Ice Skate Boots

Mybonts ST Vaypor Boa Ice Skate Boots

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You dream it, we'll build it with MyBonts! 

The ST Vaypor Boa is our top of the line short track ice skating boot. This model includes a new thinner, harder memory foam ankle padding and 10 layers of carbon fiber around the ankles for extra support.

The base is made by hand by sandwiching cross weave carbon and uni-directional carbon fiber which is embedded with epoxy thermo setting resin. The fibers are hand laid in the matrix according to the strain they will have to bear.

With MyBonts we guide you through all this custom options to build a boot tailor-made to your foot. The final product is a boot the way you want it. 

The Bont short track BOA Vaypor replaces the lower laces on the boot with a BOA dial. Bont is the only professional speed boot maker to have the official BOA license. 

If you want the best speed skating boot that money can buy, look no further than the Vaypor. Tested by the world's best skaters and designed by Mr. Inze Bont. The top of the boot uses laces and a top velcro strap and the bottom section uses a Boa dial. The benefit of this system is that you can make the top of the boot extremely tight and you can adjust the bottom section while you are skating. This is useful to loosen your boots during training without having to retie your laces. 

Options you can select:

Boot colors, boot materials, stitching color, individual boot size (left and right foot in different sizes), room for orthotics, lace color options, room for growth, buckle options, ankle width, arch height, boot height, toe box, stiff boot sides, boot stiffness, heat moldability, boot padding, boot liner, and full custom. We will build your boot the way you want it. 

The semi-custom ST Vaypor Boa Ice Skate Boot will take between 6-8 weeks to make depending on the time of year. June - December is the fastest production time.

Check out our Instagram account to see some of the best custom Vaypor boots designed from skaters around the world. 

Please note the colors displayed on your screen are a close representation of what your product will look like. We have tried to make this representation as close as possible but the finished product may look slightly different from what you see on the screen. The texture of the material may also differ.


  • Base: 100% carbon with uni directional carbon 
  • Outer skin: Leather
  • Liner: Suede-L
  • Innersole: Leather
  • Heat moldable: Fully heat moldable base utilizing epoxy thermoset resin
  • Padding: High density memory foam
  • Closing options: Laces, lace cover and two adjustable velcro straps
  • Fit options: Standard, narrow and wide
  • Mount: 165mm

    Technology - Water Printing

    The Crono inline boot has water print decals on the side and back of the boot and it is covered in a gloss coating. Each boot is individually numbered with a water print.

    Crono water printing


    We push the limits of technology to help you perform at your best.