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Use our Bont Size Chart by clicking this link:
Please note that there is no direct relationship between your shoe size and Bont skate size, please take the time to measure your feet and get the right size.

Please click here for the Bont heat molding page. If you have a removable insole, you will need to remove them before heat molding as they may burn and shrink. 

Little Racers (Ages 3-9): Start them off right with the Bont Scoot! These adjustable skates are perfect for growing feet.

Young Speedsters: If your child is getting serious about speed skating, the comfortable and heat-moldable Jet offers fantastic performance.

Adult Beginners: Welcome to speed skating! The Luna or Jet skates provide the perfect blend of support and performance for adults starting their journey.

Seeking More Support: Coming from plastic skates? The Semi Race II or Semi Race III will give you the extra stability you crave.

Ready to Race: Take your speed skating to the next level with the BNT, Vaypor, or Crono – made for serious competition.

Recreational Skating:

  • Bont Prostar Suede: These skates offer excellent comfort and support, making them perfect for cruising around the neighborhood, the boardwalk, or your local rink. 

Roller Derby:

  • Bont Prostar: A great starting point for new roller derby skaters, providing a balance of performance and affordability.
  • Bont Quadstar Carbon or Hybrid Carbon: Top-of-the-line options for more experienced derby skaters who want superior speed, agility, and durability.

Park Skating:

  • Bont Parkstar: Built for the demands of ramps and skateparks, these skates offer a tough construction and responsive feel. 

Speed Skating:

Kids Roller Skates

Important Considerations:

  • Size: Make sure to measure your feet and consult Bont's sizing guide for a perfect fit.
  • Short Track Skating

Important Considerations:

  • Size: Always measure your feet and refer to Bont's sizing guide.

If you're just starting out on your skating journey, we highly recommend the Elemental wheel, designed specifically with new skaters in mind. It's the perfect choice to get you rolling smoothly and confidently.

For those who find themselves skating in wet conditions, the Typhoon wheel is your go-to option. Engineered for superior performance in wet weather, it ensures your skating experience remains uninterrupted, no matter the weather.

For skaters focusing on endurance and long training sessions, the Highroller stands out as the best long-lasting training wheel. Its durability and performance are unmatched, making it the ideal companion for extensive training.

Speed enthusiasts will find their match in the Red Magic, the fastest wheel on the market. Its cutting-edge design propels you forward, allowing you to push your limits and achieve new speeds.

And for those committed to the 125mm size but unwilling to compromise on speed, the Red Magic Hardcore is the ultimate choice. It's the fastest 125mm wheel available, designed for those who demand the very best in speed and performance.

  • Versatile and Affordable: For skaters seeking a wheel that excels both indoors and outdoors without stretching the budget, the Ballistic wheel is an ideal choice. It offers a great balance of performance and durability, making it a versatile option for various skating environments.
  • Outdoor Excellence: If you're primarily skating outdoors and looking for the best performance, the BPM is the top pick. Designed for outdoor use, these wheels provide smooth rides on a variety of surfaces.
  • Park Skating: For those who love the adrenaline of park skating, the Flow Wheels are a fantastic choice for reliable performance. And for skaters seeking the pinnacle of park wheel technology, the Full Flight offers unmatched quality and performance, making it the best park skate wheel available.
  • Speed Skating: Speed enthusiasts will find their match in the FXX wheels, designed to provide the ultimate speed skating experience. Their advanced construction ensures top-notch speed and agility.
  • Nighttime Flair: For those who want to stand out during evening skates, the Glow wheel with built-in LED lights offers both style and visibility, ensuring you light up the path as you glide through the night.
  • Roller Derby: Derby skaters looking for an upgrade from standard package wheels will appreciate the performance boost of the Evolve wheel. For those at the top of the game seeking the best roller derby wheels, the FXX's superior design and construction make it the ultimate choice for competitive roller derby.

Size Charts

Bont skates don't use standard shoe sizes. Refer to the size chart to prevent ordering the wrong size.

See this page to find the right size plate for your boot:

Refer to this size chart for the correct ice blade length.

Use this page to find average weights for a particular boot.

Click this link:
Then at the bottom of the page, see the Block Chart.


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Custom and Semi Custom

Information on custom boots can be found here.

Information on semi custom boots can be found here.

Other FAQ

Yes, they all come in pairs.

The first difference is that we make each model for three different sports. Long track ice, short track ice and inline. Each of them has a different boot height, constructed with varying mounts of different materials, with different mounting blocks and stiffness. We wouldn’t advise you try to use a long track boot for inline because it is too soft. The boot is made with a lot more thermo plastic so long track skaters can steer the boot. The construction is totally different to an inline boot.

The Vaypor is constructed to minimize weight and maximize strength. We use a special thermo set resin and the entire boot is made with carbon. We also use uni-directional carbon which saves even more weight.

The BNT is a carbon boot but it does not use uni directional carbon. The stiffness is similar to that of the Vaypor but at also does without some of the bells and whistles on a vaypor such as a TPU bumper, zippers, and longer lace covers. 

The Jet uses a mix of fiberglass and carbon for the base. It is still super moldable thanks to our Super mold Technology and it is a lot  lighter than some competitors top of the range boots, but it is heavier than our Vaypor and BNT. If you are just getting into the sport, you won’t notice the difference. The resin is also slightly heavier than the Vaypor.

When buying skates for a child, finding a balance between long-term use and safety is important. Oversized skates can lead to ankle injuries and blisters, hindering your child's enjoyment. That's why we offer our unique 'Room for Growth' option. We'll select the right size boot for your child's current foot size and carefully add a few millimeters of length for future growth. This ensures a secure ankle fit now, with the space to grow into later.

We have a number of solutions. Please see which one best fits your needs:

1. We can build the orthotic into the boot for you and it will be in there permanently. You will need to send the orthotic to us.

2. We build the boot with the orthotic inside but you can remove it. You will not be able to use the boot without the orthotic inside. You will need to send the orthotic to us.

3. You stand on your orthotic while making a pair of molding socks for a custom pair of boots. The orthotic will then be built into the boot and you no longer need to use your orthotics for skating.

For options 1. and 2., the price is +$30 on top of any boot you
choose. There is no additional cost for building the orthotic into a pair of custom boots.

When Mr. Inze Bont first developed his last in 1975 he was a size 8. Over the years as sneaker manufacturers moved to
Asia, last sizes have shrunk. Mr. Bont is now a size 10... So the simple answer is that our last sizes haven't changed for over 48 years where as your running shoe manufacturers lasts have changed.

Narrow, wide, and double wide boots are considered semi custom boots
because they have to be made and are not our standard width fit. They
take 6-8 weeks to arrive. 

Using the BONT SOX you can easily mold your orthotics into the boot. Simply place the orthotic on the floor and place some plastic over it. Then mold your feet using the Bont Sox and the orthotic will be inbuilt in your foot mold. If you are not using orthotics we prefer to mold your feet with a plaster mold.

Heat mold them. See these heat molding instructions. Another option is to use Ezeefit booties.

Blisters are a skater's worst enemy! There are two main culprits:

  • Ill-fitting boots: Make sure your boots fit snugly without being too tight. Oversized boots are a recipe for blisters. Get your boots heat-molded for a custom fit.
  • Improper technique: Pushing off with your toes instead of your heels can cause your ankles to shift, leading to friction and blisters.

The Fix:

  1. Let your feet heal: Trying solutions while still blistered won't give you an accurate picture. Let your feet heal first.
  2. Focus on form: When skating, consciously lift your toes and push off to the side with your heels. This will take practice! Having someone videotape you can help identify areas to correct.
  3. Make it a habit: Once heel-pushing feels natural, you won't need to focus on lifting your toes as much.

Still Struggling?

If you continue to experience heel blisters even after correcting your form, our Rip Jaws Boot Stretcher can help! It provides targeted stretching for a customized, pain-free fit.

To keep your boots in top shape, always dry them in the shade after use. Sweat can damage the liner, so don't leave them damp. Also, be careful not to overtighten the bolts, or you could strip the nuts. Importantly, never leave your skates in a hot place like the back of a car. Our boots use thermoplastics that can deform with heat, affecting their custom fit.

Please talk to a Bont rep at an event or email Please note we can not always reply to the volume of sponsorship requests via email.

These skates can be ordered in wide and double wide:
Inline: Crono, Vaypor Zipper, Vaypor BOA, BNT, Semi-Race II, Super Jet, Jet, Luna
Quad: Hybrid Carbon, Hybrid, Racer Carbon, Racer

The following models are unavailable in wide fitting:
Inline: Semi-Race III
Quad: Quadstar Carbon, Parkstar, Vegan Parkstar, Prostar, Vegan Prostar

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