Red Magic Hardcore 2.0 125mm Inline Skate Wheel

Red Magic 125mm Hardcore 2.0 Inline Skate Wheel Firm
Red Magic 125mm Hardcore 2.0 Inline Skate Wheel X-Firm
Bont Red Magic Hardcore Inline Speed Skating Wheels Win
Bont Red Magic Hardcore Inline Speed Skating Wheels Win2

Red Magic Hardcore 2.0 125mm Inline Skate Wheel

Application: Road

Wheel Size: 125mm
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The Fastest Inline Speed Skating Wheel On Earth!

The Red Magic Hardcore is the first 125mm professional inline speed skating racing wheel to use an aluminum hub. 125mm wheels are a lot larger than 110mm wheels so there is a lot more flex that needs to be controlled. We feel that the best way to control this flex is by upgrading the hub from plastic to aluminum. The 125mm Red Magic Hardcore inline skate wheel has been an instant hit, winning the first race of the season in Berlin and it has won most of the inline world championships marathons since its release. The wheel has a full 24mm width, unlike some competitors that have opted for 20-22mm wheels. Version 2.0 now has a perfect bearing seat.

125mm wheels are the fastest wheel size and the Red Magic Hardcore is the fastest 125mm wheel in the world. This wheel is a dual duometer wheel which means it has two layers of urethane. The inner band is made of an extremely high rebounding super ball type of material and the other urethane is very very fast. What really makes this wheel stand out from the competition is its amazing cornering grip. There is no other wheel like it. In addition, this wheel has amazing wet weather capabilities. Unless it is an all-out storm, this wheel is very capable in damp skating conditions. If you want the fastest 125mm inline wheel on the market, you have found it. 

The urethane is poured by MPC wheels and it uses their patented high rebound flex band.  

MTECH™PATENT NO.S6,036,278 & 6,227,622B1 - MPC Wheels Patent

  • Made in: USA
  • Application: Road
  • Diameter: 125mm
  • Hardness: Firm, X-Firm
  • Bearing size: 608

NOTE: Aluminum hub wheels are more precise than plastic hub wheels so you will need to use 10.05mm spacers like our Red 608 Inline Self Centering Spacers between the bearings. If you use the regular 10.35mm spacers, it will still work but you may hear some noise when skating. A bearing press is a good idea for inserting and removing bearings from aluminum wheels. 

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