608 Inline Self Centering Spacer


Selected Color :

The 608 inline self-centering spacers for 608 bearings come in three styles. The Bont Red and Black spacers are 10.05mm; the Gold spacer is 10.2mm; the Silver spacer is 10.35mm. The Gold and Red spacers are for aluminum hub wheels. It is worth noting if you are using the Red or Black spacer and the wheel does not turn, you will need to change to the Gold spacer. It is good practice to have a variety of spacers on hand to find the right fit for your wheels.

You need 1 spacer per wheel. Sold individually (1 piece)

Suggested Use:

  • Red Spacers 10.05mm - Red Magic Hardcore wheels
  • Black Spacers 10.05mm - Red Magic Hardcore wheels
  • Gold Spacers 10.20mm - Avenger Hardcore wheels 
  • Silver Spacers 10.35mm - Any plastic hub wheels