Inline Skate Apparel

Bont Face Bandana
Bont Face Bandana $4.99

Bont skater socks tube white striped fashion
Triple Stripes Knee High Skater Tube Socks $9.99

Skate Snapback Hat
Skate Snapback Hat $29.95

red-black Bont hat
Bont 75 Skate Snapback Hat $29.95

Inline Speed Skating Jacket
Skate Jacket $49.00

Hooded Jacket Inline Speed Skating Jacket Front
Hooded Skate Jacket $53.00

black skating tights
Hi-Performance Skating Compression Tights $55.00

Bont Retro Neo Suit Inline Speed Skating Suit
Retro Neo Inline Speed Skating Suit $70.00

Bont Retro Neo Jacket Inline Speed Skating Jacket Front
Retro Neo Skate Jacket $78.00

Buy Bont apparel for inline speed skating. Items include racing suits, compression tights, jackets, and snapback hats. Bont inline skating apparel is designed by skaters for skaters. We use the latest high tech materials in our inline skate garments. Feel comfortable while you inline skate. Buy the same inline racing suit as worn by Team Bont speed skaters. Skinsuits and jackets for inline speed skating. 

Bont inline skate apparel is fairly tight fitting to reduce wind resistance when inline skating and warming up. Many of our high-end racing suits are made in collaboration with VIE13 apparel. The inline racing suits are made to feel like they are part of your body. We also carry other inline skate apparel including caps, t-shirts, and bandanas. All the inline skate clothing you need to look cool and feel good while skating.