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    Welcome to Bont's roller skates collection, where quality, performance, and style meet. Our collection features a diverse range of roller skates, each meticulously handcrafted using high-end materials such as carbon fiber and fiberglass. These materials are hand-laid around memory foam to create a lightweight yet strong base that can withstand the rigors of intense skating. Whether you're a beginner or an elite skater, our collection has something for everyone.

    Explore our range of roller skates, from our best-selling outdoor roller skates, perfect for adventure seekers, to our custom roller skates, designed to give you a personalized skating experience. Our collection also includes roller skates specifically designed for men and women, each offering a unique blend of comfort, style, and performance.

    For the young ones, we have a selection of kids' roller skates, designed with safety and ease of use in mind. And for those who love to stand out, check out our light-up roller skates and retro roller skates.

    At Bont, we believe in the power of choice. That's why our collection offers a variety of designs and aesthetics to suit every demographic. Choose from a wide range of colors and styles to match your personality and preferences.

    Experience the Bont difference today. Browse our roller skates collection and find the perfect pair for your skating journey.

    The Best Roller Skates: Quality, Performance, and Design

    When it comes to roller skates, Bont stands out as a leading brand, offering the best in terms of quality, performance, and design. Our roller skates are meticulously handcrafted, using the latest high-end materials such as carbon fiber and fiberglass. These materials are hand-laid around memory foam to create a lightweight yet strong base that can withstand the rigors of intense skating.

    But it's not just about the materials. The design of our roller skates is also top-notch, with a focus on comfort, fit, and performance. Our skates are designed to fit the natural shape of your foot, providing unparalleled comfort and support. The performance of our skates is also unmatched, with features like fast and smooth-rolling wheels, responsive bearings, and high-grip soles.

    Whether you're a beginner just starting out or an elite skater pushing the boundaries of what's possible, Bont roller skates provide an unmatched skating experience. With Bont, you're not just getting a pair of roller skates - you're getting the best roller skates in the market. Experience the Bont difference today.

    Custom Roller Skates: Tailored to Your Needs

    At Bont, we believe that the best roller skates are the ones that are tailored to the individual skater. That's why we offer custom roller skates that can be personalized to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're a professional skater seeking optimal performance or a recreational skater looking for a comfortable fit, our custom roller skates are the perfect solution.

    Our custom options allow you to choose every detail of your skates, from the boot design and color to the wheel type and bearing selection. This means you can create a pair of skates that not only fits your feet perfectly but also matches your skating style and personality.

    With Bont's custom roller skates, you're not just getting a pair of skates - you're getting a skating experience that is uniquely yours. Experience the difference of custom roller skates and elevate your skating to new heights.

    Roller Skates for Men: Engineered for Power and Precision

    Step into a pair of Bont's roller skates for men and experience the perfect blend of power, precision, and comfort. Our men's roller skates are engineered to meet the unique needs of male skaters, offering a robust construction and responsive wheels that can handle high-speed maneuvers and quick turns with ease.

    Each pair is designed with a heat-moldable boot that provides a custom fit for enhanced comfort and control. The high-quality bearings and wheels ensure smooth, effortless glides, while the lightweight design reduces fatigue, allowing you to skate longer and push your limits. Whether you're into speed skating, park skating, or street skating, our men's roller skates are built to deliver superior performance.

    But it's not just about performance. Our roller skates for men also stand out in terms of style. With a variety of sleek designs and vibrant colors to choose from, you can find a pair that matches your personal style. Experience the difference of Bont roller skates for men and take your skating to the next level.

    Roller Skates for Women: Comfort, Style, and Performance

    Discover the perfect blend of comfort, style, and performance with Bont's collection of roller skates for women. Each pair is thoughtfully designed with the female foot in mind, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit. Our women's roller skates are not just about comfort, they're also designed to deliver exceptional performance, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned skater.

    Each pair features a heat-moldable boot that conforms to your foot for unparalleled comfort, and high-quality bearings and wheels for smooth, effortless glides. The lightweight design reduces fatigue, allowing you to skate longer and push your limits. Plus, with our range of vibrant colors and sleek designs, you'll look as good as you feel.

    But what truly sets our women's roller skates apart is their versatility. Whether you're into recreational skating, fitness skating, roller derby, or even roller dance, our skates are up to the task. So why wait? Experience the difference of Bont roller skates for women and elevate your skating experience.

    Outdoor Roller Skates: Built for Adventure

    Embrace the thrill of the great outdoors with Bont's collection of outdoor roller skates. Specifically designed to handle the unique challenges of outdoor skating, our skates are built to withstand a variety of surfaces, from smooth park paths to rough city streets. Each pair features durable wheels that are tough enough to handle outdoor terrains while providing a smooth and stable ride.

    Our outdoor roller skates are not just about performance, they're also about comfort. With heat-moldable boots that conform to the shape of your foot, you can skate for hours without discomfort. The lightweight design reduces fatigue, allowing you to skate longer and explore further. Plus, with our range of vibrant colors and sleek designs, you'll look as good as you feel.

    But what truly sets Bont outdoor roller skates apart is their versatility. Whether you're into recreational skating, fitness skating, or even roller dance, our outdoor skates are up to the task. So why wait? Strap on a pair of Bont outdoor roller skates and turn the world into your playground.

    Roller Derby Skates FAQ

    All Bont Quad skates can be used for outdoor skates; however, there are specific wheels that you should use when roller skating outdoors. Our Glide wheels, BPM, Glow, and Flow wheels are all suitable for skating outside.

    You can buy Bont Roller Skates online here or visit one of our many stockists.

    At Bont, we care about our skaters. That is why we get our skaters to create easy-to-understand tutorial skate videos for our customers. Take a look at our Blogs to see our easy-to-understand tutorials made by real skaters.
    Park Skating on Roller Skates
    Skate Reviews

    We haven't made a specific video on skating backward yet; however, you can see in our videos where our skaters switch between front and backward roller skating.

    As with the above question, check out our blogs for easy-to-understand roller skating guides. If you feel we are missing something, shoot us an email, and we will get on to its creation.

    You can buy Bont Roller Skates online here or visit one of our many stockists.

    One of the most popular ways to slow down and stop on roller skates is to use the toe stop. Drag your roller skate toe stop behind you to slow down. Your roller skate toe guards or toe caps will prevent damage to the roller skate toe if you lean too far down.

    Men's roller skates size 11
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    Men's roller skates size 13
    Women's roller skates size 7
    Women's roller skates size 8
    Women's roller skates size 9
    Women's roller skates size 10

    Roller skates can be used for street skating, park skating, dance skating, and aggressive skating. The different types of skates include park skates, street skates, rhythm skates, and dance skates. If you are aggressive skating, then you want skates that can handle falls and scuffs that your skates may receive when aggressive skating. The same goes for park skating. Aggressive skating also requires a boot with enough ankle support. Having sufficient ankle support while aggressive skating will prevent injuries and also allow you to perform more difficult tricks. A low cut skate will allow for more ankle flexibility. Ankle flexibility is advantageous if your boot has more ankle support. Bont boots have great ankle support and ankle flexibility thanks to our lightweight carbon fiber and fiberglass construction. A high cut boot is not necessary if you have enough ankle support. A skate with a toe stop will help you come to a stop, but it can also help you to take off from a standstill. A high-quality toe stop will last longer than an entry-level toe stop.

    The ease of rollerblading versus rollerskating can vary depending on the individual's preferences and skill level. Rollerblading, also known as inline skating, involves wearing boots with wheels in a straight line configuration. It typically offers a smoother and faster glide, making it more suitable for activities like speed skating or maneuvering through obstacles. Rollerblades also provide better ankle support, which can be beneficial for maintaining balance.

    On the other hand, rollerskating involves wearing quad skates, which have two wheels in the front and two wheels in the back. Quad skates offer more stability and maneuverability, making them a popular choice for artistic skating and roller derby. Some individuals may find rollerskating to be easier to learn initially because of the increased stability provided by the wider wheelbase.

    Ultimately, whether rollerblading or rollerskating is easier depends on individual preferences, comfort, and the specific skills or activities you wish to pursue. Trying both styles and deciding which feels more natural and enjoyable for you would be the best way to determine which one is easier for you personally.

    Roller skates are specifically designed footwear with wheels attached to the bottom, allowing the wearer to glide or roll over a surface. They are commonly referred to as roller skates. Roller skates typically consist of a boot or shoe with a chassis or frame that holds the wheels. The design and components may vary depending on the intended use, such as recreational skating, roller derby, speed skating, or artistic skating.

    Learning how to roller skate can vary in difficulty depending on the individual. For some people, it may come naturally and they can pick it up relatively quickly, while others may require more time and practice.

    The level of difficulty can also depend on prior experience with other balance-based activities, such as ice skating or skateboarding. If you have a background in similar activities, it may be easier to transfer those skills to roller skating.

    That being said, with patience, persistence, and proper guidance, most people can learn how to roller skate. It's important to start with the basics, such as finding your balance, learning how to stride, turn, and stop. Taking it one step at a time and gradually building your skills and confidence is key.

    To make the learning process smoother, it can be helpful to take lessons from a qualified instructor or join a beginner-friendly roller skating class or group. They can provide guidance, tips, and techniques to help you get started and progress at a comfortable pace.

    It's also important to wear appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, especially when starting out. This will help protect you from potential falls and injuries, giving you more confidence to try new moves.

    Remember, learning to roller skate is a journey, and everyone progresses at their own pace. Stay positive, be patient with yourself, and enjoy the process of acquiring a new skill. With practice and determination, you'll soon find yourself gliding with ease on your roller skates.

    Bont roller skates use the latest high-end materials of carbon fiber and fiberglass hand-laid around memory foam to ensure a very lightweight and strong base. Super heat moldable and built with one-piece construction. Bont roller skates are extremely comfortable to skate in for hours on end. 

    Bont has been making skates since 1975. We first started making speed roller skates and then later branched out into recreational skates, park roller skates, and roller derby skates. Bont makes skates for men, women, boys, girls, and youths and is perfect for beginner skaters right up to elite skaters. 

    Men's Roller Skates

    When fitting your men's roller skates, loosen the laces and wear thin socks. Put your foot in the men's roller skate and kick your heel all the way to the back of the boot. Now tighten the bottom laces firmly but don't cut off the blood circulation.
    You can tighten the top laces on your men's roller skates much tighter. If you feel any discomfort on your men's roller skates, you can heat mold your boots in the oven. 

    Women's Roller Skates

    Women's roller skates typically use shorter plates to match the smaller-sized roller skate boot. Women's roller skates often come in bright colors such as pink, purple, white, and black colors. Women's roller skates can come in different styles, such as speed skates, park skates, street skates, indoor skates, and roller derby skates. The larger the wheel, the faster the skate will go and the harder it will be to push. 

    Get Your Quality Roller Skates at Bont

    Have you been shopping around for the best outdoor roller skates online? Are you struggling to find the best roller skate brand? Well, look no further than with Bont roller skates for men and women.
    We are a reputable online roller skate shop that offers a vast selection of choice skates today. In our store, you can find standard roller skates, park skates, roller derby skates, speed skates, and even roller skates for kids. Whether you’re into inline skating or just regular roller skating, we’ve got the pair for you here.
    Besides our lineup of children and adult roller skates, we also offer the accessories and parts you need to give you the best skating experience. As a roller skate store, we sell items such as outdoor roller skate wheels, plates, and bearings.
    Let Bont help you find the best roller skates that you need today.

    About Roller Skate Wheels

    Roller skate wheels come in a variety of hardness and sizes. Harder wheels are generally for indoor skating while softer wheels are for outdoor skating. Soft wheels have more grip but wear out more quickly than hard wheels. Hard wheels are great for sliding. 

    What Makes Bont Unique from Other Skate Manufacturers

    If you’ve been searching where to buy roller skates and came upon Bont, you might have noticed that our products are a bit more expensive than other manufacturers. The reason for this is simple: we handcraft our skates to perfection.

    Roller Skates for Everyone

    All of the roller skates for sale at Bont are made with quality – an approach that the company itself has kept throughout the years. We are truly proud of the processes we have come up with that have made our products stand out until this day.
    This allows us to offer a unique variety of designs and aesthetics for every demographic, including:
    We also offer plenty of sizes to ensure everyone can find the right roller skates for them.
    Not only this, but we have the best roller skates for kids. If you need girl's roller skates or boy's roller skates for your children, we can find the perfect fit and style that suits them best. If they’ve never skated before, our roller skates for beginners will suit them well. We also carry beginner skates for adults as well, so no matter when you start learning to skate, we’re here for you.

    Superior Manufacturing Process

    While we offer cheap roller skates, we never compromise on quality. Our skate designer, Inze Bont, has masterfully designed our production line and also optimized its manufacturing procedure at the same time.
    Since its manufacturing process is mostly done manually, the brand takes more time and skill to produce each pair of skates it puts up. This method has allowed our skates to be known as some of the most durable and high-performance products available in the market.
    But just because we’ve attained a reputation for providing quality products doesn’t mean that we’ll stop there. Everyone at Bont will continue to grow and enhance our whole manufacturing process so that our customers will always get the quality roller skates for women, men, and children that they need.
    Our goal is always to produce the best outdoor roller skates by making them lighter, stronger, and faster than what other manufacturers provide.

    What to Expect When You Purchase Bont Skates

    Bont was the first-ever footwear brand that used exotic materials in its skates. Some examples of unique materials that we used include fiberglass, carbon fiber, and even Kevlar. We are also known as the first to have ever used thermoplastics and heat-moldable resins in our products.
    Innovation and practicality are two traits that Bont likes to incorporate in our skates. That’s why when you purchase a pair from us, you can expect the following features:
    • Skates that fit out-of-the-box: We continue to improve our lasts since we first started making them in 1975. These plastic foot replicas are designed so that we can easily develop and create custom roller skates that match your feet even as you first use them.

    • Lightweight heat-moldable footbed: Besides being heat-moldable, the footbeds we use at Bont are significantly lighter than the industry standard. This allows users to use their skates without feeling much resistance when moving around.

    • Proprietary anti-stretch material: Just like Kevlar, we have developed a proprietary material that will stop our boots from stretching while in use. The material is linked to the outer layer of the skates and bonded for durability so that it blends seamlessly with its overall structure.

    • Closed-cell memory foam application: This type of foam ensures that the shoes not only remain lightweight once wet but it also helps keep water out from the padding. Our quad roller skates also don’t absorb sweat which can cause them to degrade over time.

    • Outstanding toe protection: The toes are the most common parts that can get hurt or injured when skating, which is why Bont has designed rubber bumpers in its skates to ensure skaters are well-protected at all times. If your current bumpers start to degrade in quality, you can always buy replacements from us.

    • Many years of resin development: With more than 45 years of experience trying to develop the best resin for our skates, we’ve come up with a design that is quite stiff yet easy to configure. This allows users to heat their boots to mold them easily to match their feet.

    • Excellent quality control: All of our skates go through several stages of independent quality control before we release them into the market. This ensures that we can provide the best roller skates for beginners and experienced users alike so everyone can enjoy our products.

    • Durable yet stylish suede materials used: Both our inner and outer suede materials used are lightweight and durable. When you buy roller skates from us, you can choose from a wide range of colors to meet your styles and preferences.

    At Bont, we pride ourselves in retaining our methods and processes in producing the finest quality skates one can buy. All of our products are made with durable and reliable materials that we’ve proven and tested over the years.
    Many of our customers recommend our skates because of how lightweight yet sturdy they are when used. The best thing about our products is that they can be easily configured to match your feet just the way you want them.
    Besides our standard roller skates, we also sell replacement parts, accessories, and apparel to meet your needs.
    If you’re looking for the best roller skates today, Bont is the choice to make. Browse our assortment of premium skates today.


    We push the limits of technology to help you perform at your best.