Experience Speed and Performance with Bont Roller Skates

Step into the world of high-speed skating with Bont, a brand renowned for its legacy in roller skate manufacturing. In the 1980s, Bont dominated the scene, winning more quad speed skate world titles than any other brand. We pioneered the use of cutting-edge materials such as fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber, setting new standards in the industry. Our roller skates and roller derby skates are designed for speed, offering an unparalleled lightweight feel and exceptional performance. Experience the thrill of speed and the quality of Bont with our roller skates.

Bont Derby Skates

Experience the Bont Difference: The Best Roller Skates for Men and Women

At Bont, we've been leading the way in roller skate technology since the 1970s. We've pioneered every major boot advancement in the industry, making us the go-to brand for the best roller skates for men and women. From being the first to use materials like fiberglass, Kevlar, and Carbon Fiber, to introducing heat moldable roller skate boots, we've revolutionized the fit, comfort, and performance of skates. Our innovative designs, which include lace covers, velcro, and aluminum strengtheners, continually push the limits of technology. Experience the Bont difference today and find the perfect pair of roller skates near you.


Superior Carbon Fiber Construction in Men's and Women's Roller Skates

At Bont, we exclusively source our carbon for roller skate production from Toray of Japan, the world's leading carbon manufacturer. The carbon base of Bont roller skate boots, including our men's roller skates and women's roller skates, is meticulously crafted by hand, sandwiching different types of carbon. The fibers are strategically laid in the matrix based on the strain they will have to bear. The carbon is then embedded with an epoxy thermosetting resin. This meticulous process results in roller skates, roller derby skates, and speed skates that are not only super strong but also incredibly lightweight. Experience the Bont difference today and find your perfect pair of roller skates near you.

Bont Carbon Fiber
Bont Speed Skate Padding

Unmatched Comfort with Our Foam Padding

At Bont, we prioritize your comfort and performance. Unlike most brands of roller skates for men and women, we exclusively use closed-cell memory foam in our roller skates and roller derby boots. While open-cell foam, used by many other brands, is cheaper, it absorbs sweat and water, which can compromise the comfort and durability of the skates. Our closed-cell foam, on the other hand, does not absorb sweat or water, ensuring that your Bont roller skates remain comfortable and high-performing, even in the most demanding conditions.


Resin Development: The Bont Difference

At Bont, we go the extra mile to ensure the quality and performance of our roller skates for men and women. We are likely the only skate manufacturer who develops our own resins in-house. This allows us to formulate a resin for our roller skate, roller derby, and speed skating boots that is super stiff, yet becomes moldable at low temperatures and has a fast cure time. Our resin softens at just 60°C (140°F), the lowest in the industry, and once set, it is permanently molded without the need for remolding. You can also reheat the resin as many times as you like.

Unlike most manufacturers who use a process known as pre-preg, where the resin is "pre-impregnated" into the carbon fiber by the carbon fiber manufacturer, we control the entire process. This ensures that our resin meets the heat moldability requirements of modern shoes, allowing our roller skates to be molded at much lower temperatures for a perfect fit. This level of attention to detail is what sets Bont roller skates apart.

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One Piece Skate Construction

One-Piece Skate Construction: The Bont Advantage

Bont stands out in the roller skate industry with our unique method of producing high-end roller skates, speed skates, and roller derby skates through a process we call One-Piece Construction. This process is more skill-intensive and time-consuming, resulting in higher costs than the mainstream skate construction method, but it's what allows Bont roller skates to lead the market in performance.

Unlike two-piece boots, where the base is pre-made and the liner and outer skin are glued onto the base, our one-piece construction involves stitching the outer skin to the anti-stretch material that has been bonded into the carbon. This results in a more durable and long-lasting boot. While two-piece roller skate boots may have cosmetic stitching, the stitching on Bont one-piece roller skate boots serves a functional purpose, contributing to the overall strength and durability of the skate.

So, whether you're searching for "roller skates near me", "mens roller skates", "womens roller skates", or "roller skates for men/women", Bont's one-piece construction offers superior performance and durability. Experience the Bont difference today.


Inline, Quad, and Roller Derby Wheels: The Best in the Business

In partnership with the world's leading wheel manufacturers, such as MPC, Bont Skates develops the best inline, quad, and roller derby wheels in the world. Our wheels are renowned for pushing the boundaries of technology, particularly with the use of aluminum hubs. Whether you're searching for "roller skates near me" or specific "roller skates for men/women", you'll find that our wheels set the standard in their respective fields.

Take, for example, the Royal Assassin roller skate wheel, the Red Magic Hard Core 125mm wheel, and the Avenger 110mm wheel. These are not just wheels; they are the epitome of performance and durability. Our high-end inline speed skate wheels even use a dual durometer pour for enhanced performance. So, when you choose Bont, whether it's for "mens roller skates", "womens roller skates", or any other type of roller skates, you're choosing the best wheels in the business.

Inline Skate Bearings

The Best Skate Bearings: Performance and Precision

At Bont, we don't just settle for good; we strive for the best. This is why we only produce the best inline and roller skate bearings in the world. We partner with top-tier bearing producers like Jesa of Switzerland to manufacture our inline skate bearings. Whether you're looking for "roller skates near me" or "roller skates for men/women", you'll find that our bearings are second to none.

We go the extra mile in our production process. We use premium hardened steel, double polish the inner race, and use extremely precise balls. Our inline skate bearings come with light racing oil rather than grease, ensuring smooth and efficient performance. We produce a range of bearings, including ceramic bearings, 608, 167, 688, abec 7, and abec 5 inline skate bearings. These bearings make a perfect replacement for your inline skates, whether they're mens roller skates, womens roller skates, or any other type of roller skates. So, when you choose Bont, you're choosing the best in performance and precision.


Skate Accessories: Everything You Need

At Bont, we offer more than just roller skates. We provide a wide range of inline skate and speed skate accessories to enhance your skating experience. Whether you're searching for "roller skates near me" or specific accessories for your men's or women's roller skates, we've got you covered.

Our selection includes bearing press pullers, 608 and 688 bearing cleaners, bags and backpacks, wheel bags, skate insoles, water bottles, ezeefit, laces, skate Allen keys, toe guard protectors, inline skate helmets, skate buckle kits, replacement buckle kits, and skate mounting bolts. Each accessory is designed with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality that you've come to expect from Bont. So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced skater, we have the accessories you need to keep your skates in top condition and enhance your performance.

Skate Accessories. Skate Bottle. Skate Bearing Press.

Skate Apparel: Style Meets Performance

At Bont, we believe that your style should match your performance. That's why we offer a range of skate apparel for all types of skaters. Whether you're into roller derby, quad skating, short track, long track, or inline skating, we have the apparel you need.

Our collection includes inline racing suits, warmup jackets, compression tights, caps, hats, and t-shirts. Each piece is designed with both style and functionality in mind, ensuring you look great and feel comfortable whether you're on the rink or off. So, whether you're searching for "roller skates for men" or "roller skates for women," don't forget to check out our apparel collection to complete your skating look.



Bont was founded in Sydney in 1975 when Inze Bont, a recreational speed skater decided to fiberglass the back of his leather speed skates to gain more support. Bont was the first footwear manufacturer to use exotic material like fiberglass in 1974, Kevlar in 1986 and Carbon Fiber in 1989, and the first to use heat moldable resins and thermoplastics. In the 1980's Bont dominated the quad racing scene with the lightest and strongest boots on the market thanks to our unique one-piece manufacturing technique. Bont was the first quad skate company to use lace covers, velcro, and aluminum strengtheners in the boots.

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We push the limits of technology to help you perform at your best.