Exchange/Return/Refund Policy

This information is only for customers who have purchased Bont products from the Bont online shop. If you have purchased your skates or Bont items from any other shop, please contact them regarding your warranty and returns.


Bont skates and other items are covered by warranty for a period of 12 months from date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. Items that are not covered under warranty include:

  • Any part of the skate that has been involved in a crash. If you have crashed and something is scratched or broken, it is not covered under warranty.
  • Anything where you have damaged the boots yourself eg. Overheating the boots when heat molding, jumping in your skates, using washers between the boot and the frame, backing over your skate bag with the car in your driveway. These are not covered by our warranty.

How our warranty process works

If you have a problem that you think is a manufacturing mistake, then we are more than happy to help you to solve the problem asap.

If you purchased your Bont product from a shop, please contact that shop with your receipt. They will contact us with your warranty claim.

If you purchased your Bont product from Bont directly, please complete this form with the following information:

  • Your order number. 
  • Clear photos of the problem. If you can draw arrows on the photos to show us where the problem is, it is even better.
  • Your name, address, contact number and email that is on the order.
  • Details about how long you had the skates for, what you were doing with them when you had the problem, product model number.


For us to assist with a return or exchange, the entire skate needs to show no sign of wear. If any items show signs of use i.e., mounted, heat molded, skated in, worn, we are sorry but we cannot exchange or refund these skates as they can no longer be re-sold. Please do not insert bearings in inline wheels or attach frames to boots, as we cannot exchange or refund used skates.


For exchanges - only send back the items that you need to exchange For refunds - all items need to be sent back to receive a refund for the product ordered If you have questions please email 

Return Shipping: The return shipment must be prepaid and insured by the customer. We are not responsible for return freight fees. We will not accept “freight collect” shipments. Please Pack the product(s) securely. We will not be responsible for any shipping damage. We will cover shipping your skates and/or accessories back to you for customer exchanges. 

Stock Boots: We will exchange/refund items that have been returned within one month if they have not been used or heat molded and are in as-new condition. If a frame is scratched from mounting bolts or if a plate has been mounted to the boot other than the original plate mounted from Bont, we cannot exchange them. A $10 restocking fee will be applied to the second exchange of the same product (s). Please note that you will not be able to cancel Stock semi-custom orders (narrow, wide, double wide) after 72 hours of ordering as they have already gone into production.

Semi-Custom Boots: We will exchange semi-custom skates one time if you have ordered the wrong size. We will not exchange the boots for any other reason as they have been made to your specifications and we cannot re-sell them. Please note that you will not be able to cancel MyBont semi-custom orders after 72 hours of ordering as they have already gone into production. 

Full Custom Boots: Please note that there is no refund or return for Full Custom skates (foot casting orders) because the boots are made for your feet.

Exchanges/Refunds: Exchanges will be processed within 5 days of receipt, and refunds will be processed within 1 week of receiving the returned product in new condition. If the item is not in stock for the exchange, you will be notified of the shipping date. Original shipping will not be refunded. 
*Refunds normally take 2-3 business days to return to the payment method used for your order. 

My skates have been assessed and it is not a warranty case, but I am still not happy!?

We go to extreme lengths to try to make sure our boots fit as many skaters as possible but there are many different shapes of feet and it is impossible for a fiberglass or carbon boot with a very thin layer of padding to fit everyone. If you have used your skates and they don’t fit you then here are some options:
- If the boots are slightly too small you can heat them and use a boot stretcher.
- If the boot has a hotspot or pain in one area you can use Bont’s Rip Jaws
- If you have used the product but you just don’t want it any more, try selling them at your local rink or on an online marketplace. Bont skates are highly sought after and you should still be able to sell them close to the price you paid for them.



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