Roller Skate 78A/83A/88A/93A Cushions

Replacement Infinity/Athena Quad cushions
Replacement Infinity/Athena Quad cushions
Replacement Infinity/Athena Quad cushions
Replacement Infinity/Athena Quad cushions
Replacement Infinity/Athena Quad cushions
Replacement Infinity/Athena Quad cushions

Roller Skate 78A/83A/88A/93A Cushions

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These Roller Skate Cushions are designed for the Bont Prodigy, Tracer, Infinity, Athena, Zeus, and Carbon Zeus skate plates but may fit other roller skate brand plates with the same dimensions. The cushions are made with extremely high-end urethane and come in 4 hardnesses.


  • Color/Hardness: Purple 78A, Blue 83A, Black 88A, Red 93A
  • Top Cone dimensions: 14.2mm (H) x 25.4mm (Diameter)
  • Bottom Barrel dimensions: 14mm (H) x 25.4mm (Diameter)
  • King Pin Hole diameter: 9.5mm
  • All Zeus Plates - require Bottom Barrel cushions only 

Pack of 4 cushions.

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Replacement Roller Skate 88A Cushions

Which hardness roller skate cushions do I need?

78A cushions are suitable for a very comfortable ride and very easy turning of your skates.

83A cushions are suitable for a comfortable ride. If your skates are very hard riding and you are looking for more comfort and rebound, these are a good choice.

88A This is the standard cushion hardness on most Bont roller skate plates. If yours have worn out, this is a good replacement. 88A is also the standard choice for most replacement cushions. If you are not sure which hardness to select, order 88A as it is a good allrounder.

93A cushions are suitable for high speed skating because they will not turn a lot. If you like speed skating or hate your roller skates turning too much under your feet then select 93A cushions. These cushions will offer a harder ride than the softer cushions but they are made with high rebounding urethane so it will not be too rough unless you are skating on a very rough surface.

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