Full Flight Park Prototype Skates Wheels

   Full Flight 101a Park Roller Skate Wheels
   Full Flight 101a Park Roller Skate Wheels
   Full Flight 101a Park Roller Skate Wheels
   Full Flight 101a Park Roller Skate Wheels
   Full Flight 101a Park Roller Skate Wheels
   Full Flight 101a Park Roller Skate Wheels

Full Flight Park Prototype Skates Wheels

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We are excited to introduce our latest innovation, the Full Flight, a new wheel specifically designed for park skating. This premium wheel, proudly manufactured in the United States, has been rigorously tested over the past year, affirming its superior quality and performance. We believe that the Full Flight could potentially set a new benchmark in the park skate wheel market, given its unmatched attributes.

When it came to the look of the wheel, we wanted it to be just as impressive. So, we got an artist on board to design some killer graphics. Unfortunately, the initial batch did not meet our high standards, as the printing appeared pixelated and cannot be reprinted due to technical limitations.

Not to worry though, we've got new printing plates ordered, and we're gonna try a different process for the next batch. In the meantime, we're selling these prototypes at an awesome 40% off the usual price. So, here's your chance to get your hands on our best wheel yet for almost half the price! Just a heads up, we've only got 102 sets at this price, so if you're keen, you'll wanna act fast to experience the high-performance Full Flight wheel. 

Full Flight Wheels are the perfect all-around street and park size, ideal for technical and trick roller skating. Made in the USA from premium high-end urethane with a special edge design for unparalleled performance. Full Flight is our hardest skate park wheel to date at 101A durometer. It's designed to be flat spot resistant, extremely fast, and allow for pure anti-stick slides and grinds without losing control. You won't find a wheel that slides better than these! 

The 53x32 mm size makes these wheels lightweight and provides better agility. The unique shape features a round profile with an ideal-sized riding surface that offers more speed and control, super smooth sliding, and minimizes wheel bite. Full Flight is the perfect all-rounder aggressive roller skate wheel, whatever your preferred terrain. 

This is a limited edition wheel, with graphics featuring an Australian Cockatoo. It's the first wheel in our craft range of custom-made, low-production run, super high-end wheels. Proved and tested by the Bont Team and sold as a set of 8 wheels.

If you're a serious park skater, the Full Flight is the wheel for you. Order yours today and take your skating to the next level.


  • Made in the USA from a proprietary urethane formula
  • Specifically designed for aggressive street and park skating
  • Special edge design for unparalleled performance
  • Ideal for technical and trick roller skating
  • Flat spot resistant
  • Extremely fast at 101A durometer
  • Limited edition graphics
  • Size: 53x32mm 
  • Sold in sets of 8


  • Allows for pure anti-stick slides and grinds without losing control
  • Better agility 
  • Minimizes wheel bite 
  • Improved durability
  • Lightweight

Who is it for?

The Full Flight is for serious park, bowl or aggressive street skaters who want the best possible performance. Order your Full Flight today and take your skating to the next level!

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