12 Days of Bont

The festive season is upon us, grab these holiday specials before time runs out! 

As a Bont VIP, you can shop all 12 deals at once without waiting. Use code 12DAYS at checkout and get 15% off for the following items. Sale ends December 19, 2022. 

Day 1: Kids Skate Protective Pads and Kids Triple Pad Protection Set

Day 2: Shimmer Skate Laces, 6mm Waxed Skate Laces and 8mm Waxed Skate Laces

Day 3: Triple Skater Socks

Day 4: Adult Skate Backpack and Kids Skate Backpack

Day 5: Skate Gloves

Day 6: Storm Surge Inline WheelsReplacement Roller Skate Cushions and 88a Replacement Roller Skate Cushions

Day 7: 125mm Supercell, 110mm Supercell and Slide Blocks

Day 8: Glow LED Roller Skate Wheels and Red Magic Hardcore Inline Wheels

Day 9: Jet Boots (new colors), Jet Boots (fluoro colors), Jet Boots, Leather Cap Toe Guards, Suede Cap Toe Guards, Leather Flat Toe Guards and Suede Flat Toe Guards

Day 10: Roller Skate Bearing Press (red), Roller Skate Bearing Press (black) and 125mm Inline Skate Bearing Press

Day 11: All Inline Skate Bearings and All Roller Skate Bearings

Day 12: Gift Card

 12 Days of Bont