Semi Custom

Did you hear the one about the skater who came into the skate shop with oddly shaped feet and the shop didn't have any boots that would fit them so they lost the sale? Not very funny is it.... Don't fret, we have you covered. 

What is a Semi Custom Boot?

A semi-custom boot is a standard boot with a few changes to fit an individual foot. Common problems that a semi-custom boot
can fix include:

  • One foot longer or wider than the other
  • Skinny ankles
  • Skinny feet
  • Wide feet
  • Slightly abnormal shaped feet
  • Boot height
  • Special frame-mounting hole placement 

How do we fix these common problems?

  • Wide Feet: For a wide foot, we build up the last (the last is used to build the boot around, it is a plastic foot) to make it wider, a faxed foot tracing to the boot manufacturer helps a lot in this case.
  • Skinny Feet: For a skinny foot, we give you a smaller size and make it longer. For example, say you are a size 10 foot, after looking at your tracing we may determine that you are a size 8 in width, so we use a size 8 last and build the last up to make it a size 10 in length.
  • Different length feet: If one of your feet is a 7 in length and the other is a 7.5, no problem, you can order that from us.
  • Skinny Ankles: You know you have skinny ankles if when you tighten your boot, you can’t get the laces tight because the two sides of the boot touch. To fix this you can either add a piece of foam to the inside of the tongue, or when ordering a semi custom boot we will cut back the top of the boot so when the laces are tightened, they do not touch.
  • Slightly abnormally shaped feet: Slightly abnormally shaped feet can be fixed in certain cases, but it’s probably best to go for a custom made boot if possible. This option is perfect for people with a bunion or maybe a bone spur. 
  • Frame mounting hole placement: Holes can be drilled in a number of configurations and places on the boot. 
  • Boot height: Boots can be made higher or lower, no problem. 

A Bont semi-custom boot takes between 8-10 weeks to make depending on the time of year. It may take an additional 2-4 weeks if our factory has a holiday during that time. 

How much do they cost?

The fee is usually between $20 - $100 depending on how much work is needed to alter the boot from stock. Drop us an email at or give us a call on 941-722-2668.

We will exchange semi-custom skates one time if you have ordered the wrong size. We will not exchange the boots for any other reason as they have been made to your specifications and we cannot re-sell them. Please note that you will not be able to cancel MyBont semi-custom orders after 1 week of ordering as they have already gone into production. 


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