Jesa 608 Black Series Inline Skate Bearings


 Are you looking to buy the fastest and best inline skate bearing on the market? You have found them. We built this bearing from scratch with JESA of Switzerland. Not only did we use aerospace-grade steel for the outer race, but we also double-polished the outer and inner race to provide the least amount of friction possible. The balls go through a number of stages of polishing, far more than any standard ABEC 5, 7 or 9 bearing to make sure that they are as round as possible. Additionally, the lightweight plastic cages allow for lower rolling resistance. To help reduce drag, Jesa increased the radial clearance providing slightly less total contact ball patches. Finally, we use a special lightweight racing oil from Germany called Kluber oil to top the bearing off. The result is the fastest steel skate bearing on the market. 

  • Bearing type: 608
  • Dimension: 8x22x7 mm
  • Protection: 1-Z shield
  • Cage: TN9-plastic cage
  • Ball complement: 7 pieces
  • Ball material: High-grade steel

Pack of 16 pieces.

To ensure all of this hard work in creating the bearing actually works in practice, our professional inline skating team which includes a number of world champions test the bearings in real work conditions to confirm that these are the best skate bearings. We complete back to back lap time comparisons as well as roll tests. Our testing confirms that there is no faster steel bearing than the Bont 608 steel inline skate bearing.