688 Roller Skate Mini Bearings

688 Roller Skate Mini Bearings
688 Roller Mini Roller Skate Bearing
688 Roller Mini Roller Skate Bearing
688 Roller Mini Roller Skate Bearings

688 Roller Skate Mini Bearings

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The Bont 688 Quad Mini roller skate bearing has an exceptionally fine polished bearing track surface and incredibly precise balls. The lightweight plastic cages allow for lower rolling resistance. The extremely strong steel helps the bearing keep its shape when under load.

Bont 167/688 bearing adapters fit over your 688 mini bearings so that they can fit into 608 wheels. These bearing adapters allow you to use a mini bearing in a wheel that was made for a larger 608 bearing. The benefit of using a mini bearing and an adapter rather than a 608 bearing is that you can create a much lighter set up with better acceleration.

  • Bearing Type: 688 mini
  • Dimension: 8x16x5
  • Protection: ZZ
  • Cage: SPCC 08F
  • Quality: Bearing steel GCr15
  • Ball complement: 9 pieces
  • Ball Material: Steel

Pack of 16 pieces.

Spaces not included.

Bont 688 inline skate bearings are the bearing of choice for a number of Team Bont skaters. Quite a lot of skaters want the lightest skate setup they can possibly achieve and mini bearings can save 12 grams per bearing. On a roller skate or roller derby skate, that is a saving of 88grams when you factor in the 1 gram spacer on each bearing. 

For more information about mini bearings, please check out this roller skate bearing blog post.

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