FXX Roller Skate Wheels

FXX Roller Skate Wheels
FXX Roller Skate Wheels
FXX Roller Skate Wheels
FXX Roller Skate Wheels
FXX Roller Skate Wheels

FXX Roller Skate Wheels

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Introducing the highly acclaimed Bont FXX roller skate wheels, now available in exclusive limited edition runs featuring various sizes, hardness levels, and vibrant colors. Act fast to secure your order – each release is one of a kind, and we may not offer the same wheel twice.

These FXX wheels are an improved version of the original FXX roller skate wheels, with enhanced features for optimal performance. Keep an eye out on your inbox as we announce the pre-sale of each limited edition run through our newsletter. This exclusive opportunity allows our VIPs to snag a set before they're gone. Join our mailing list today to get in on the action!

The FXX is a lightweight performance wheel that features high-quality urethane and an aluminum hub for the ultimate combination of grip and roll. Made with the best urethane in the USA, the FXX uses a technical 5-spoke hub for lightweight, premium performance. The aluminum hub allows for unparalleled stiffness and control, which translates to brilliant edging and maximum agility.

The FXX comes in two hardnesses 92a and 96a, with excellent rebound and wear properties. They are super fast and phenomenally grippy while still allowing you to skid to a stop instantly. The 59x38mm size lets you change speeds quicker, making them the perfect choice for derby skating. The 62x44mm size gives you a larger surface for longer pushes for maximum power, making them the best choice for speed skating.

Drawing on our inline speed skating wheel that has won multiple inline world championships, we adapted one of our top inline speed wheel formulas on the FXX for roller skating. This is unheard of in a roller skate wheel. No one uses the best inline racing formulas in roller skate wheels. When we spoke to wheel makers about using a top inline formula in a roller skate wheel this is what they said: 'It will cost too much, roller skaters don't want to pay over $200 for a set of wheels no matter how good they are'. 'Roller skaters can't tell the difference between a high-end or low-end urethane'. And 'our standard high-end roller skate urethane is good enough'. We said 'screw that' and started testing wheels using more exotic urethanes previously only reserved for inline racers. The result, in our opinion, is the best mass-produced roller skate wheel ever made. We are sure you will appreciate the effort that we put in to bring this wheel to market.

Check out our blog on the limited edition FXX past and present.

Size and Hardness:

  • Derby 59 x 38mm - Vol 10 Blue 92A, Vol 11 Red 92A, Vol 12 Off White 92A
  • Speed 63 x 42mm - Vol 9 Pink 96A, Vol 10 Blue 96A, Vol 11 Red 96A, Vol 12 Off White 96A

Application: Indoor

Sold as a set of 8

Uses 608 bearings like Bont AEBC5, ABEC7, Black Series and Ceramic. The FXX does not use mini bearing

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You can always buy Bont Skates with confidence. Skaters have been buying Bont Skates since 1975 and we are the world’s largest manufacturer of inline speed skates and short track speed skates and custom skates as well as one of the largest manufacturers of roller derby skates.

We have a reputation for looking after our customers. We do everything possible to ensure that our products are made to the highest standards. As an example, all of our boots go through 16 individual stages of quality control before they are shipped out.

Our inline wheels, roller skate wheels and frames are all tested for strength and fatigue on the computer using the most advances computer-aided stress testing available. Bont bearings are produced in partnership with some of the best speciality bearing manufacturers in the world.

All Bont products go through a rigorous team testing phase before being brought to market. Team Bont skaters are the very best in the world.

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