Semi Race III Inline Skates

Semi Race III Inline Skates

Semi Race III Inline Skates

Mount Separation: 195mm
Wheel Size: 125mm
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The Bont Semi Race is the boot that defined the category. We designed this boot for skaters who wanted something in between a racing boot and a recreational skate. A skate made for skaters who want to skate fast and do it in comfort. In this third iteration of the Semi Race, we have added a rigid plastic cuff for the first time for added stability. The boot still retains a very soft rear cuff for forward flexion. It has large V’s cut in the front lace area, which also aids forward flexion. This inline skate can be optioned as a 3-wheel inline skate or a 4-wheel inline skate with wheel sizes from 90mm to 125mm.


  • Base: Carbon composite
  • Outer skin: Microfiber
  • Liner: Suede-L
  • Pitch: 12mm
  • Air vents: Tongue
  • Innersole: No
  • Padding: Soft memory foam
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Cuff Height: Cuff sits approximately 1-inch higher than the top of the ankle bone
  • Heat Moldable: No
  • Larger sizes may need to ship from our factory - Sizes 11 and up

 *If the size needed is not in stock, the boots will be produced and will take 4-6 weeks after you place your order. You will receive an email within 1-3 business days if they are not in stock. 

Technology - Vegan

This boot has a vegan option.

That is to say, this boot does not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived byproducts. Our vegan materials include Durolite, microfiber, and suede-L (fake suede).



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