Supercell 100mm Carbon Inline Racing Frame


Supercell 100mm Carbon Inline Racing Frame

Mount Separation: 195mm
Wheel Size: 100mm
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The Bont Supercell 12" 100mm inline racing frame has the highest strength to weight ratio of any inline racing frame on the market. Using nanotech 'super cell' resin to not only lighten the frame but also make it more impact resistant, the Supercell is the next generation in carbon frames. 

Carbon is an extremely strong material when it is curved. We designed the Supercell frame to be curved at every angle you look to produce an extremely rigid structure and one of the stiffest frames ever made. 

The 12" 100mm Supercell frame is available in two colors, pink and blue and comes with one level of stiffness (XXF) which is suitable for all skating conditions. 

12.0” 4* 100mm Specifications
  • Mounting: 2 Point 195mm
  • Length: 12.0"
  • Weight: 145g
  • Deck Height (center of axle to the top of frame): Front 43mm Rear 54mm
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Stiffness:  XXFirm
  • Finish: Matte, gloss

1 pair of frames with axles, spacers, and Allen key


- Only use Bont Supercell axles with the Supercell frame. 

- Supercell 2.0 axles can not be used with the first-generation Supercell frames. If you need replacements axles for our first-generation Supercell, please contact us at

Technology - Team Testing Inline

Our professional inline speed skating team are some of the best skaters in the World. They love to give us feedback! From the little things like the placement of the buckle to trialing the latest materials, they help Bont create products that not only look good but perform at the elite international level.

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