Vaypor Zipper Toebox Inline Skates

Vaypor Zipper Toebox Inline Skates

Mount Separation: 195mm
Wheel Size: 100mm - 125mm
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This boot represents the absolute peak of speed skating technology, meticulously crafted with the finest materials on Earth. It features hand-laid, unidirectional Toray carbon from Japan, delivering exceptional strength and responsiveness. Durolite, a Japanese material lighter, stronger, and more flexible than leather, further enhances the Vaypor's performance. This is the ultimate speed skating boot, resulting from a relentless pursuit of excellence. Whether aiming for a championship win or conquering a marathon, the Vaypor is the perfect weapon for those who demand the absolute best.


The best speed skate money can buy.

  • Vaypor Inline 110mm 4 wheel skates.
  • Vaypor Inline 125mm 3 wheel skates.

They are designed by the best and tested by the best. That is to say; the Vaypor inline boot is created by the highly renowned skate designer, Inze Bont, tested by the world’s best skaters and given the tick of approval. The Vaypor Inline Boot simply is the best inline speed skating boot in the market.

The boot is heat moldable, uses memory foam padding, is Vegan, and has a 100% carbon base. Furthermore, the standard version of this skate boot integrates both the buckle lace cover and the YKK zipper lace cover. These 3 wheel inline skates use the best boots, the best frames, the best wheels and the best bearings on the market. There is no faster inline speed skate. 

The Vaypor Inline Boot is made to order and not kept in stock. As a result, the typical production time is 3-6 weeks.


  • Base: 100% carbon with unidirectional carbon and matte finish
  • Outer skin: Durolite
  • Liner: Durolite
  • Pitch: 12mm
  • Air vents: Toe and tongue
  • Innersole: EVA thermo-moldable
  • Heat moldable: Fully heat moldable base utilizing epoxy thermoset resin
  • Padding: Medium-density memory foam
  • Protection: Front TPU bumper
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Package includes: Boots, frames, wheels, bearings, spacers, mounting bolts and laces 

The Bont CXXV Red or Black inline speed skating frame's perfect flex control is your secret weapon. A frame that is too stiff skips across the road at the end of the push. A frame that is too soft will feel mushy and slow. The CXXV has the perfect amount of flex for maximum control.

  • Mounting: 2 Point 195mm
  • Length: 12.8”
  • Deck height (center axle to top of frame): Front 59.5mm Rear 70.5mm
  • Weight: 219g
  • Material: 7050
  • Made in: Taiwan

The Supercell frame is the best carbon inline skating frame on the market. It is not only light weight but it is the strongest 125mm 3 wheel frame on the market. 

13” 3* 125mm Supercell Specifications

  • Mounting: 2 Point 195mm
  • Length: 13"
  • Weight: 180g XXFirm
  • Deck Height (center axle to top of frame): Front 49.5mm Rear 60mm
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Stiffness: XXFirm
  • Finish: Matte, gloss

1 pair of frames 

Bont mounting hardware set will be provided free of charge only when purchasing boots/packages

*Please note that this boot is not kept in stock and we will order it to be made as soon as you order it. We will ship this skate in 4-6 weeks after you place your order. 

Technology - Ventilation

Scientists have proven that cooler feet can boost performance. In this boot, we have incorporated a ventilation tongue and the TPU toe protector. This helps circulate air and cool your feet.


We push the limits of technology to help you perform at your best.