Mount Separation: 165mm
Mount Separation: EURO
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Bont BNT: The Lightweight Revolution in Long Track Speed SkatingThe BNT showcases the pinnacle of Bont's expertise in long track skate design. This boot features a timeless style with clean, simple lines that exemplify our commitment to straightforward performance and aesthetics. The core of the BNT is composed of 100% carbon fiber, symbolizing Bont's forward-thinking in long track skate technology. This base, combined with our signature epoxy resin, is heat-moldable for a snug fit. The neoprene padding, a type of closed-cell foam, doesn't absorb water, ensuring the boot remains lightweight and effective.

In terms of weight, the BNT sets a new standard. It's exceptionally light devoid of extraneous elements like bumpers, thermoplastics, and zippers. The carbon base features a matte finish, a unique choice compared to the typical gloss finish of most long track skates, further contributing to its lightness.

The BNT's exterior is made from top-tier Durolite, usually seen in our high-end Vaypor skates. The interior is lined with Suede-L, providing a comfortable experience regardless of whether socks are worn or not.

We focus heavily on durability and reliability. Thus, the BNT includes aluminum mounting blocks with a hardened steel nut. We at Bont take pride in our unparalleled quality standards – a testament to our never having a skate returned due to mounting block issues. To ensure security during races, the mounting screws are treated with Loctite to prevent loosening.

We haven't neglected comfort, either. The boot's tongue is ventilated for coolness and includes velcro for stable placement. The tongue padding is designed to avert lace bite, and the waxed laces are minimally stretchable for consistent tightness.

The BNT's design features a snug heel fit, offering a feeling akin to a tailored fit. This boot is intended for professional racers and is highly responsive, although there might be other choices for those who prefer a heavily padded skate.

Tracing back to 1974, Bont has been a leader in skate innovation. Our expertise and commitment to quality shine through in the BNT long track skate boot, a culmination of our enduring legacy in the skating world.

For those seeking top-tier long track speed skating boots, the BNT by Bont represents the pinnacle of quality and performance. Its design and materials are a testament to our unwavering dedication to the art of skating.

For more detailed info on the BNT, please check our BNT blog post.

    *Note, US blade mounting is 165mm. Euro Separation means that each boot has a different mounting. Please make sure you know which blades you have or are buying to make sure they match. If the distance of the mounting on the blade is not 165mm, then please order Euro Separation.

    Technology - Vegan

    This boot has a vegan option.

    That is to say, this boot does not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived byproducts. Our vegan materials include Durolite, microfiber, and suede-L (fake suede).



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