Bont BNT Inline Skating Boot

The Bont BNT inline speed skate is Bont design in its minimalist form. Lean and elegant from any angle. 

The BNT inline speed skate does away with many modern boot features such as bumpers and thermoplastic, excess padding, and zippers to form Bont's purest speed skating boot. 

Bont BNT inline skate boot
White / copper BNT skate

The interior of the BNT is a comfortable place to be with or without socks. The lightweight foam is a snug fit. The lace cover and buckle are intuitively simple and accessible. 

Bont BNT speed skateBont BNT inline speed skate

Tight Heel

At the rear, the BNT wraps around your ankle emphasizing your foot's muscular stance. 

Bont BNT speed skateRear view Bont BNT inline speed skate

Due to the BNT boots thin padding and tight heel, this boot will be very responsive but also is more suited to skaters looking for that extra 0.1 seconds in a race. If you are an older skater or someone who likes more comfort, you should option this boot with more padding. 

BNT heel
Heel of the Bont BNT boot

A beautifully proportioned one-piece shell is bonded to the boot with Bont's famous epoxy resin. Taut carbon and responsive neoprene padding all combine to make the BNT astonishingly agile, keeping you firmly connected to whatever road or track you skate.

Color Options

This boot comes with four standard color options. These boots are in production and the images will be updated here as soon as we have them. 

white bont bnt skateBont white black BNT boot


  • Base: 100% carbon with matte finish
  • Outer skin: Durolite
  • Liner: Suede-L
  • Pitch: 12mm
  • Air vents: Tongue
  • Innersole: EVA thermo-moldable
  • Heat moldable: Fully heat moldable base utilizing epoxy thermoset resin
  • Padding: Neoprine 2mm
  • Protection: none
  • Vegan: Yes


Using MyBonts you can customize your Bont BNT boot and give it your own personal touch. Click here for mybonts. 

Here are some color samples to take a look at:

 Bont BNT speed skate
Bont BNT speed skate
Bont BNT speed skate
Bont BNT speed skate
Bont BNT speed skate
Bont BNT speed skate
Bont BNT speed skate
Bont BNT speed skate
Bont BNT speed skate


About the author:

Alexander bont

Alexander Bont has been skating since the age of two years old. He was part of the Australian national short track team for 7 years. He has also competed on quad roller skates, long track ice skates, and inline speed skates. Alexander has won a number of Australian national titles including national records in short track and state titles in inline speed skating. He is the owner and CEO of Bont Skates and has a passion for skate design.