Unleashing Speed and Precision: Introducing the Bont Pro Skate Bearings

bont pro racing skate bearings

A New Era in Skate Bearings

Bont Skates, a renowned name in roller and inline skating, proudly presents the Bont Pro Skate Bearings. These bearings are not just another addition to our product line; they're a game-changer in skating technology. Designed for both inline speed skating and roller skating, the Bont Pro Bearings are set to redefine your skating experience.

Why We Ditched the ABEC System

For years, the ABEC rating system was the standard in evaluating bearing precision. However, at Bont, we've realized that this system no longer serves the dynamic needs of modern skaters. That's why we've transitioned to a more practical, performance-based approach. Our focus is on real-world application and professional skater testing, rather than relying on the ABEC scale.

Introducing the Bont Pro Racing Bearing

The Bont Pro Racing Bearing is the pinnacle of our engineering efforts. Crafted with precision and tested by the best, these bearings are built for those who seek unparalleled performance and reliability.

Features That Set Bont Pro Apart

  1. Double Shields for Maximum Protection: Our bearings are designed with dual shields – a rubber shield and a high-strength nylon shield – to keep out dirt and maintain optimal performance.

  2. Easy Maintenance Design: With removable shields, maintaining your Bont Pro Bearings is effortless. Spend less time in maintenance and more on the rink.

  3. Premium German-Made Racing Oil: Each bearing is lubricated with top-quality German racing oil, ensuring smooth and consistent performance.

  4. Precision 7-Ball Design: The unique 7-ball configuration reduces friction and enhances speed, leading to a longer bearing life and better skating experience.

Ready to Elevate Your Skating

Whether you're a competitive speed skater, a roller derby enthusiast, or a park skater, the Bont Pro Racing Bearing is your key to superior skating performance. Experience the difference with every glide.

Join the Community of Champions

With over 22 million bearings sold worldwide, Bont Skates is a leader in providing high-quality skating products. Choose Bont Pro Racing Bearings and join the ranks of champions.

Maintain Peak Performance

To keep your Bont Pro Racing Bearings in top shape, we recommend using Bont Crank bearing oil and Bont bearing cleaner. Proper maintenance ensures enduring performance and reliability.


  • Bearing Type: 608 8mm
  • Dimension: 8mm core, 22mm outer diameter, 7mm width
  • Protection: 1-Z shield
  • Cage: TN9-plastic cage
  • Ball Complement: 7 pieces
  • Ball Material: High-grade steel
  • Pack of 16 pieces

Upgrade your skating experience with the Bont Pro Racing Bearing – a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and the skating community. Roll into the future with Bont!