Mybonts BNT Inline Boots

Mybonts BNT Inline Boots
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Mybonts BNT Inline Boots

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The BNT is Bont’s simple and classical inline speed skate boot. The lines are clean and uncomplicated. 

The base of the boot uses 100% carbon fiber with Bont’s famous epoxy resin that is heat moldable. The padding is neoprene which is a closed-cell foam that does not absorb water. This speed skating boot is ultra-lightweight as it has no bumpers or thermoplastic or zippers. The carbon base of the boot has a matte finish that is lighter than the usual gloss finish found on most inline speed skates. 

The outer skin is made from Durolite which is usually reserved for the Bont Vaypor and the liner is Suede-L which feels great with or without socks on. 

The mounting blocks are made of aluminum with a hardened steel nut. Did you know that Bont has never received a single skate returned due to mounting block issues? Our system is foolproof. The mounting screws have Loctite to stop them from coming undone during a race. 

The boots tongue has ventilation to keep your feet cool and also velcro to hold it in place. The tongue padding is comfortable and stops lace bite. The laces are waxed and have very little stretch. 

The boot is built on a last that has a tighter heel than normal to hold your foot as tight as possible and give a feel as close to custom as possible. This boot is designed for professional racers so the BNT inline boot is very responsive and not suitable for skaters who want a very padded boot. 

For more detailed info on the BNT, please check our BNT blog post.

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Q & A

Q: What is the difference between the Vaypor and the BNT?

A: The Bont Vaypor uses uni-directional carbon which is hand-laid and takes longer to apply to the base of the boot and makes the boot lighter and stronger. The BNT uses standard cross weave carbon. The BNT is tighter in the heel and uses 2mm neoprene padding whereas the Vaypor uses 4mm EVA padding. The result is that the BNT feels harder. The Vaypor is more aerodynamic. The Vaypor’s mounting blocks have a more flowing look where the block meets the boot whereas the BNT has a more upright look. 

Technology - Vegan

This boot has a vegan option.

That is to say, this boot does not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived byproducts. Our vegan materials include Durolite, microfiber, and suede-L (fake suede).



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