The Bont Prostar suede roller skate boot is now on MyBonts!

The Bont Prostar Suede Roller Skate Boot is a boot designed to be light, responsive and heat moldable. A boot designed for you which can now be semi-customized!

The thermoplastic in the heel allows you to mold your Prostar roller skate boot with a hairdryer to obtain a custom fit in under 10 minutes. This is especially good for skaters with skinny or wide ankles.

At Bont, we pride ourselves at being lighter and stronger than the competition. That is why we manufacture our boots by hand, building the boot from the inside out by hand laying the carbon or fiberglass around the last (plastic foot). This method of manufacturing is extremely time-consuming compared to the traditional method of skate boot manufacturing but ensures lightweight.

Prostar Roller Skates Outdoor Packages

The Prostar boot has a suede outer skin that is lightweight and durable. The boot features replaceable rubber bumper toe protection, an adjustable velcro top strap, and a rear heel loop to put your laces through. The Prostar roller skate package comes in three stock colors, bubblegum pink, misty teal and purple but now you can customize your boots with Mybonts, the latest and greatest way to customize your Bont boots. We have been creating custom designs since 1975. So you can match your style, add your name, go wild!

You have 12 different suede colors to choose from!

MyBonts Prostar Suede Roller Skate Boots Package outdoor

bont prostar suede roller skate package mybonts customs

The MyBonts Prostar suede roller skate boots can be bought as boots only or a customized package. The package comes with the following options
Plate: Tracer
Wheels: Glide, BPM, Glow or Flow
Bearings: ABEC5, ABEC7, Black Series or Ceramics


Tracer Roller Skate Plates

The Bont Tracer Roller Skate Plate is the perfect plate for any skater. The chassis is crafted from extruded 6061 aircraft aluminum with one-piece cast trucks to make this plate strong and affordable. The 20-degree kingpin angle is great for making tight turns as well as top-end speed and stability.



Glide Roller Skate Outdoor Wheels


The Glide outdoor roller skate wheel is made with super high rebound urethane and at a hardness of 78A durometer is the perfect wheel for skating outdoors. This roller skate wheel has great grip and is perfect for skating on asphalt, concrete, or urethane coated surfaces such as tennis courts. It's smooth as silk to skate on and soaks up the bumps and vibrations.


BPM Roller Skate Outdoor Wheels



The BPM outdoor roller skating wheel provides amazing flex for a smoother ride as well as being super long-wearing. The urethane has a 78a durometer which reduces vibration on rough surfaces such as asphalt, sidewalk, and boardwalks.


Glow Light Up LED Roller Skate Wheels

The Glow LED outdoor roller skate wheel is a hybrid indoor/outdoor wheel that uses LED lights that illuminate the tire as you cruise around. No batteries are required as the magnetic floating spacer powers the wheel's core to light up when they spin. All you have to do is roll and your wheels light up as you skate with a bright luminous neon glow!


Flow Roller Skate Park Wheels



The Bont Flow roller skate wheel series is designed for park and street skating. Available in two hardnesses 89s and 99a it caters to all types of skating. The special wheel edge design minimizes wheel bite on coping, rails and ledges for the perfect slide or grind.



Don't forget to accessorize! Why not grab some toe guards or extra waxed skate laces to match your your setup. Our flat and stitched toe guards look great the will help to protect the front of your boot better. As for laces we have 16 stunning colors to choose from. For more info head to our skate laces blog post or, the official homepage of Bont Skate Laces.

bont accessories toe guard protectors waxed skate laces



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