Leather Roller Skate Toe Guards

Protect your skates with Bont leather toe guard guards. Toe guards are also known as toe protectors.

The front of your roller skates can take a beating through crashes or simply running into a wall. Protect your roller skates and make them last longer by using a toe guard. 

Roller skate toe guards

The Bont roller skate toe guard is widely known as the best in the industry. We use thick Australian cow hides that are ultra long-lasting. These toe guards save you money in the long run because they outlast any other toe protector on the market.

These toe guards are perfect for roller derby. Roller derby is a contact sport and extremely hard on equipment and toe protectors are a must for roller derby skates. Roller Derby is a contact sport. Consequently, rubbing and dragging of the toe area on hard surfaces often result in the boot materials wearing out.

Bont flat roller skate toe protectorsBont flat leather roller skate toe guards

Two styles of skate toe Protectors

The Bont toe protectors come in two styles, flat or stitched. The flat toe guards are cheaper but the stitched ones offer side protection. If you don't skate much or aren't very tough on your skates, the flat toe guards will be fine but if you play roller derby or crash a lot, go for the stitched toe guards.

leather bont stitched skate toe protector  leather skate toe guard