New Bont Skater Socks!

The Bont roller skate triple stripes skater Tube Socks are available in four colors and two lengths. Combining moisture management, a cushioned foot, and a comfortable toe seam you can roller skate all day!

The no heel design allows for a one-size-fits-all tube sock. As the tube sock is shaped like a tube rather than a human foot, the height of the sock on your leg will be dependant on your foot size.

For example;
19” Tube Sock will come to about mid-calf for most adults / knee-high for teenagers and short adults
22" Tube socks will come to about knee-high for most adults/ mid-calf for tall adults

The Bont roller skate tube socks are made of breathable material with premium 90% Cotton + 10% Spandex which keeps your feet dry. They are easy to wash, either by machine wash or hand wash. However, do not bleach.

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