New Color Tickle Blue Parkstar Roller Skates

The Bont Parkstar roller skate is now available in tickle blue! This is a pastel light blue color suede leather. The leather is high grade Australian genuine suede leather and it is 1.5mm thick which is very long lasting.

This new tickle blue color can only be ordered when you design a custom Parkstar roller skate. It is not currently available as a stock color. To order, head over the the MyBont’s Parkstar page and you will be able to get an idea of what your new skate will look like by using the app.

MyBonts Parkstar MyBonts lets you design your own skate

Make sure you check out our facebook and Instagram pages to get some inspiration for your color selections. My daughter just designed her new Parkstar roller skates using the new tickle blue as the main color. She matched them with teal Bont Glow Wheels.

Bont Parkstar roller skates tickle blueNew tickle blue color for Bont Parkstar roller skates

The Mybonts Parkstar roller skate boot starts at just $259 which is an incredible price for a hand-made fiberglass boot. The Parkstar has a hidden heel built in which is 23mm or 0.9 inches. We have some of the best park skaters in the world on our pro team and they are always giving us feedback on ways they think we could make improvements to the Parkstar roller skate. In recent weeks we have increased the thickness of the D-rings and changed the straight stitching to Zig-Zag stitching to make the boot even stronger. These changes are running changes which means we implement the upgrade on the fly without halting production in order to bring updates to market as soon as we can.

Check out our new Parkstar promo video below:

About the author:

 Alexander Bont

Alexander Bont has been skating since the age of two years old. He was part of the Australian national short track team for 7 years. He has also competed on quad roller skates, long track ice skates, and inline speed skates. Alexander has won a number of Australian national titles including national records in short track and state titles in inline speed skating. He is the owner and CEO of Bont Skates and has a passion for skate design.